laundry room ideas Pinterest

Well, our son started his new Chore System yesterday, and to kill two birds with one stone, I had him help me fold some of the clothes and put them away.  On wash day, we'll sort and start the laundry.  I loved teaching him my secrets I've garnered over the years about laundry and one [...]

As people all over the country try to process another senseless and tragic mass shooting today at the Umpqua Community College in Oregon social media continues to be the place to find the latest information in real time live tweets, photos and videos that include reports from people at the scene, information about the shooter, [...]

ghost in the back selfie

In the spirit of Halloween this season here are some popular Snapchat real ghost pics, photos and selfies that are making their way around many social media sites. Some look down right scary. Fake or not, you be the judge.    Top 10 Snapchat Real Ghost Pics, Photos and Selfies Picture # 1:  this hospital long [...]

closet Pinterest

Sometimes we live in a very big house with teeny, tiny closets, and other times we live in places like apartments and lofts or rented rooms that have zero closets.  What can we do to maximize our small spaces, our tiny spaces, our zero spaces to accommodate our large wardrobe and accessories? Well, luckily, collected [...]

chores chart Pinterest

Our son is at that age where we want to teach him responsibility, like doing chores, maybe getting an allowance and learning how to save it.  I did my research and found the Top 5 Teaching Kids Responsibility Pinterest Pinboards.  These boards are a delight because they start out with the basics with philosophies and [...]

Here are today's (September 28th 2015) Snapchat Discover stories for your viewing and sharing pleasure. Enjoy the Day and visit for a daily refreshed guide/lineup of Snapchat Discover stories you might be interested in. Featured Publishers on Snapchat: Comedy Central The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Swagasaurus- Netflix and Chill MoonBeam City- The Ultimate [...]

how to create beautiful calligraphy

There is an art called "Calligraphy," and there is a breed of artists called "Calligraphers".  Their artwork is founded in an art that is 100s of years old and is practiced in many different countries.  Calligraphers use unique tools to create their beautiful artwork, from different types of pens, pencils, markers, and brushes, to special [...]

Syria hashtag

The Syrian civil war has plunged the region into a humanitarian crisis on a grand scale. Millions of people have been displaced seeking refuge and a better life in neighboring Middle Eastern countries, Europe and other more distant countries. This massive movement of refugees has put enormous pressure on these countries to help sustain the [...]