(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: "ca-pub-9528292055341919", enable_page_level_ads: true }); Pinterest is not just a collection of images related to a certain topic, such as beauty.  The visually stimulating social media site is also promoting video concentrated pinboards. Beacause beauty is one of the more comprehensive topics enjoyed by millions of people on Pinterest it’s no suprise there are more beauty video

When I think of the idea “hobbies,” I think of being productive and doing something important and helpful.  I think of charitable works and community service and helping others.  Although hobbies are meant to make a person feel relaxed and calm and content, their resulting effect on others is what adds to the joy and satisfaction of your most enjoyable hobbies. With this in mind, I collected four of the most helpful pinboards to present you with invigorating ideas to picking a

Rogue One A Star Wars Story hits theaters December 16th. There is quite a buzz surrounding this new film, especially on social media sites like Twitter. Follow Rogue One hashtags and tweets on trending on Twitter now.   #rogueone: the Rogue One hashtag is trending heavily now with hundreds of tweets coming in every 5 minutes. People are excited about this movie and their tweets are showing it. #rogueonepremiere: find out the latest tweets for the Rogue One Premiere. #starwars: the top

Rogue One Live Streaming on Twitter

Rogue One A Star Wars Story is set to premiere nation wide on December 16th, 2016.  If you’re interested in following live streaming video on the latest Rogue One latest news and information check out rogueone.twitter.com. On December 14th Twitter will be live streaming some replay Q&A videos from the cast of Rogue One.  The times will be Wednesday, December 14th, at 9 am, 2 pm, and 7 pm eastern time. Main Actors for Rogue One include: Felicity Jones: Jyn Erso Diego Luna: Captain

How Do I Create A Facebook Frames?

Looking for a guideline to help you create the latest Facebook effect, the Facebook Frame? If you are, check out a quick summary below on how to create these Facebook frames and how to use them on your page. The Facebook frame tutorial and creation guidelines are featured here below: Starting with the Design- begin making a frame using your own design tools creating a PNG file with a transparent background for each element. Upload your art other images to Facebook-arrange them on the canvas

Pinterest gives you a great visual experience when it comes to tutorials, “how to”, guides, tips, and step-by-step instructions on how to apply eyeshadow correctly, what styles and color schemes work best, trending makeup styles, proper technique, and quick lessons for beginners. Here are 3 top eyeshadow tutorial Pinterest pinboards for your visual tour pleasure. Some of the best pins are featured to help give you an idea if you’d like to visit that specific pinboard.

Activity Directors just seem to be the type of person that know how to plan events and activities and games and just have fun! And they work all over, not just retirement live-in communities, but at adult day cares, public community centers, rehab hospitals/centers, and so forth. And I know they work with all age groups in even more places than I’ve mentioned.  Although this article has arts and crafts, games and activities that probably could work for all ages, the pinboards were

Pinterest is now expanding their reach into the world of videos.  Pictures are great in their own right, but videos can offer a lot more of an experience, especially for those looking for tutorials such as exercise or workout videos. More and more Pinterest video pinboards are popping up dedicated to things common to many people. Why not go to YouTube directly, you might be asking yourself? Well, if you’re looking for just one video and you know what to type in then YouTube is a great