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A popular and high traffic cafe in the interior of Sydney, Australia is currently under siege by what is believed to be a person or person(s) who might be characterized as Islamic State sympathizer(s).  It is still too early to make any confirmations on this stance; however, there are some possible incriminating signs that the [...]

boy and girl twin nursery ideas

I think the most fun part of preparing a nursery for twins and multiples is all the matching stuff.  I guess many people think so, too.  But, many people strive to be different and innovative when decorating a twins' or multiple's nursery.  Whichever you prefer, this list of Top 5 Twins' and Multiples Nursery Themes [...]

consumer drones

Are you into drones? If you are, you're not alone. Many people these days are talking about them and for good reason. The future seems ripe for drones and all the buzz surrounding their growth and use. Continuing with this line of questioning, are you looking for a place to follow the latest drone news [...]

Coach purses Pinterest

The Coach fashion brand is associated with the finest in craftsmanship, style, and durability. Coach purses, totes and handbags are made from the highest quality of materials, carefully designed in classic and modern styles. If you're looking for a Coach purse, tote or handbag style or brand model, Pinterest can help. Listed below are some [...]

gender neutral nursery ideas

In a time when many people jump at the chance to learn the gender of their unborn baby, there are still many people who want to keep an air of mystery and surprise.  Just like any other parents, they must prepare for their child's arrival, including getting the nursery ready.  Plus, many people who know [...]

wooden floor kitchen design

The kitchen is the most high traffic area in the house. Because of this the perfect kitchen has to be designed for ultimate functionality that includes the right design that incorporates the natural flow of movement in the interior using the kitchen triangle, a chosen theme or style, a careful evaluation of space and balance, [...]

pink nursery Pinterest

My brother  just found out that there is going to be a new addition to the family - a baby girl!  Our son will have a new cousin.  As you can imagine, all sorts of preparations are being made.  One in particular that is always fun (and overwhelming!) is getting the nursery ready. By the [...]

journals Pinterest

I love journals!  As a writer, that makes sense.  I like the journals that are hard-back and have beautiful and colorful covers, with designs or images.  I like lined pages, and a pretty ribbon bookmark that is sewn into the book.  I love simply writing.  I'm not a visual artist, so I don't really do [...]