teacher quote Pinterest

It's that time of year again when teachers all across the country return to their school districts to begin another year of classroom instruction. Teachers impact lives and make a difference; it is one of the most demanding but rewarding jobs on the planet. However, one thing teachers can't get enough of are resources, lesson [...]

Star Wars 7 is finally in the works and filming has started as of the date of this post (August 13th, 2014). The early filming gossip and news coming out of the studios centers around the broken leg injury to Harrison Ford who is reprising his role as Han Solo and the subsequent delay in [...]

School Supply Closet Organizer

It's that time a year again, back to school time. Staying on top of the coolest back to school trends in fashion, school supplies, preparedness tips and organizational ideas can be challenging for any student or parent. But don't let this be a problem, Pinterest has made this job a lot easier. I've featured here [...]

Dragon Head Facebook Cover

In my thinking recent dragon movie and spin-off shows have brought the dragon into the forefront of pop culture in a really cool way.  There is a lot of variety and great names, and of course there is flying and fire-breathing, among other things. But let’s be honest… Dragons have been and always will be [...]

breakfast bears

We all know how hard it is to get our kids to eat healthy foods.  I’ve collected a great group of Pinterest Pinboards dealing with snacks your kids will eat.  They are a great blend of fun, healthy snacks put together by some pretty creative parents.  You’ll love the colorful, cute and enticing goodies that [...]

beautiful color sensation quilt

My grandmother used to make quilts for all the young relatives who had just gotten married.  When I got mine at my bridal shower it was incredibly special!  What a terrific gift for a new couple, or any loved one!  The quilt keeps you warm, and that warmth comes partly from the love that went [...]

Robin Williams Twitter Official

The passing of Robin Williams comes as a shock to many people around the world. A man so vibrant, zany, creative, manic and full of life has suddenly been silenced. However, his lasting personal contributions and legendary comedic, theater and film repertoire will endure for generations to come. Many people are flocking to Twitter to get [...]

Sharknado 2

It's been a year in the making as Sharknado 2 takes to the airwaves on Wednesday, July 30th 2014 on the Syfy channel. The original Sharknado was a perfectly created made for TV movie tailored made for Twitter and Sharknado hashtag buzz. In fact the name itself "Sharknado" is almost the perfect hashtag. You can [...]