10 Beautiful Examples of Personalized Make Your Own Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Banners

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Social Media Art Exhibition #1

” Introducing the Facebook Timeline Cover”

Enter the Facebook Timeline Gallery and have a look around. Do not touch the covers and no flash photography please.

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Welcome to the Facebook Timeline Cover Gallery with my first exhibition showcasing some great examples of Facebook Covers. Look for more weekly posts similar to this one as I plan to start a series of exhibitions highlighting the best examples of Cover art on the web along with artistic interpretations of these masterpieces of Social Media Art.

I’ve provided some written commentary to go along with the Gallery works. This is done in fun and opinions are completely mine and not to be taken too seriously at all. I added the artistic commentary to purely entertain the reader and perhaps to give an artistic perspective that might inspire you to generate or create other unique samples of Timeline Cover ideas. I know these Covers inspired me.

Enjoy the Gallery. And remember to have fun.

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1st Level Floor, Room A


Exhibit #1

Title: “Old School”

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Notes: the classic Polaroid Timeline Cover template (Fan Design)

Date:ca. 2011-?

Gallery Label

This Neoclassic Period piece signed by anonymous combines a little old school photography with new digital age techniques and produces a classic polaroid template Timeline Cover design. A fan like layout depicting personal highlights and interests like rock climbing and college graduation all spread out on a wooden table in a fan like pattern (just like how you would show your friends your photos in the old days, pre-digital period). The profile picture in the lower left corner completes this work with the appropriate angle of the artist’s face finishing off a beautiful symmetrical display pattern.


Exhibit #2

Title: “Trapped in the Dryer”

Notes: clever use of perspective and the profile picture

Gallery Label

In this next Timeline Cover piece entitled “Trapped in the Dryer” the artist, again anonymous, makes clever use of the profile picture juxtaposed on top of the dryer window. The depth of view with the dryers in a vanishing point alignment on the left only help bring attention to the desperate looking face in the dryer. In a bit of Expressionism we, the viewers or friends in this case, are left wondering about the predicament and emotional state of the artist. One can only help but feel a sense of total desperation, panic and claustrophobia as we gaze helplessly at the trapped person’s face in the dryer as it seems to gasp in fear.


Exhibit #3

Title: “Cat and Mouse”

Notes: a Freudian dream

Date: ca. 21st Century 2011

Gallery Label

With a touch of Surrealism the artist portrayal of the mouse in the profile picture signifies the dream state of unconsciousness as it is about to get pounced on by the menacing cat. Again, another example of the clever use of the smaller profile picture angled up as a frightened face is about to be a meal. Being chased by animals is nothing new in Freudian’s notes on dream interpretations. One can imagine the artist depicts himself as a mouse to show an unwillingness to confront an aggressor or problem. A universally frightful prospect.


Exhibit #4

Title: “The Cork Board”

Date: unknown

Notes: a reflective presentation of personality

Gallery Label

The often laid back presentation of photos and notes pegged with push pins on a cork board shows the viewers an informal display of memories and events.  We all have cork board photo displays somewhere in our house or dwelling, usually in the garage, study, bedroom or basement. The informal feel of it all is effectively displayed here. The casualness and ease of putting up the photos with pins creates a scrapbook-like image without all the cutting and pasting. Naturalism is at the heart of this artist with the some empty spaces still yet to be filled.


Exhibit #5

Title: “The Headless Horseman”

Date: ca. December 2011?

Notes: removal of body parts for dramatic effect.

Gallery Label

Shock Art is what we get as the viewer contemplates the “Headless Horseman”.  An all white background only intensifies the subject as he willingly seems to detach his head from his own body. The only thing saving us from the repulsion of this Timeline Cover exhibit piece is the lack of any realistically graphic details. Thank goodness.


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1st Level Floor, Room B


Exhibit #6

Title: “Times Square”

Date: ca. yet to be determined

Notes: an old trick placing photos of family and friends within selected advertisements

Gallery Label


This Time Square Timeline Cover rings in the New Year with the familiar Pop Art style. Family is everything and are framed within signs amongst the lights as the artist demonstrates. The user’s profile picture shows a playful chuckle which not only reveals a humorous side but also a proud feeling as she places family members in prominent places among the signs of Broadway.


Exhibit #7

Title: “Three Moods”

Date: ca. late 2011

Notes: facial expressions say a lot, unique placement of photo above profile picture

Gallery Label

One of the best examples of Photorealistic art this Cover draws the viewer’s attention to the rotating effect of the profile picture and the mood renderings of the subject contained within. This rather schizophrenic, bipolarish mood picture covers quite a lot emotion using only three main facial expressions. The largest of the three faces gives us an unsettling calmness effect.



Exhibit # 8

Title: “Demolishing Old Facebook”

Date: as soon as Timeline rolled out, Dec. 16thish?

Notes: a cover can say a lot of how you feel

Gallery Label

This Neo Romantic piece, oils on canvas, shows a quite stunning visual representation of the inevitable wearing down of technology as we witness a snapshot of the artist’s old Facebook page being demolished by the ravages of time all while being framed within the new Facebook Timeline Cover.  Notice the bulldozer wrecking havoc on those precious trusted photo albums as the user, wearing ear protectors, acceptably but helplessly glances on. A true representation of technological cannibalism as new technology consumes the old.


Exhibit # 9

Title “Winery”

Date: Retro Dated to Sept 2011

Notes: one prominent still life front and center can capture a lot about a person’s optimism

Gallery Label

This beautiful Facebook Cover typifies the Sill Life paintings of the period. Fine wine is prominent in the foreground covering while many single corks lay scattered about on the table. The artist enjoys the finer things in life with a good wine and drink as pastries creams and lattes adorn the top. A confident and bold piece that lends a bit of sophistication to the moment.


Exhibit #10

Title: “The Ultimate Plank, Planking in Air”

Date: ca. 2011-?

Notes: displaying a fad or craze in an unusual way

Gallery Label

Another exquisite example of Modern Surrealism brings us to this tribute to the Planking fad. Planking is basically the act of lying down with arms to the side in a planking position with the goal of the planker to be photographed doing this in an unusual place and usually on top of something one would not think to plank on (aka Justin Bieber’s whale plank). Obviously, the artist Surrealist effect will go along way in impressing onlookers as something special is achieved. Planking while suspended in air completely done without the aid of wires or optical trickery is the ultimate plank dream.


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