10 Free Justin Bieber Belieber Facebook Timeline Cover Banner Download Websites

Justin Beiber fans if you’ve been looking for the perfect Cover for your new Facebook Timeline then look no further. The following 10 websites have over 100 Bieber Facebook cover pictures to choose from. All these covers are free to download to your computer or upload to your Timeline straight from their websites.

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10 Free Justin Bieber Facebook Timeline Cover Download Websites


1. Hercovers: has 33 Justin Bieber Facebook Timeline Covers to choose from showing the pop artist in various head shots, poses, action shots, montages, quotes, and artistic presentations. A Facebook cover site dedicated to girls and women only (no boys allowed!). If your looking for a quality Justin Bieber cover than chances are you’ll find it here. There’s a cool “Justin Bieber Fever”, “Modeling”, “Somebody to Love”, “Hoodle”, “Sings”, “Never Say Never” and “Peace” cover design you can upload to your Timeline.

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2. firstcovers: there are 15 electrifying Justin Bieber Facebook cover photos and pictures for you to download and use on your Timeline all for free.  There plenty of Bieber pictures for fans looking for that perfect photo shot, pose or artistic montage. Just right click and save to your computer or upload them straight from the firstcovers website by clicking the “click here to make this your profile cover“.  

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3. addacover:  do a quick Bieber search and you’ll find 20 oustanding covers of Justin Bieber doing his thingThere’s a Justin Bieber Backstage picture, Panda Hug and Mistletoe.

4. coverswag: get 30 unique Justin Bieber Faceboook Timeline Covers with featured titles like Bieber cat montage, head photo shot Polaroid, singing, playing guitar, valentine hearts, purple skateboard, Never Say Never and Gangster.  Just right click and save to your computer.

5. blingify: there are 1o original photo collage sequence covers all made in the same style with a repetitive pattern of Bieber pictures.  Just click the download button and download these covers for free.


6. pagecovers: there are 7 quality Bieber covers to choose from like a cool Romeo and Juliet photo.

7. coverjunction: has 7 standout Bieber Facebook covers with a nice black and white face shot, thumbs up, and abs shot.  Install their covers app and upload straight to your Facebook Timeline or just right click the cover of your choice and save to your computer to manually add/change to your Timeline.

8. fbprofilecovers: 4 cool coversincluding a Bieber Shades of Green, Forever a Belieber Facebook Cover and Bieber with Cap. Covers need to be uploaded straight to your Timeline from their website.

9. 99covers: has6 Bieber pictures with some repeats from other sites listed already with a Never Say Never picture cover and a singing live snapshot. Just right click and save the selected picture to your computer.

10. Coversden: has a cool Justin Bieber yellow Facebook cover, a one of a kind picture that I haven’t seen on any other site.  


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