10 Free Lighthouse Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Download Websites

As someone who loves the picturesque look of an old historic lighthouse near the seashore I was glad to see there were plenty of  lighthouse Facebook Cover Photos on the Internet that I could download for free and use as a Timeline Cover. What got me curious as of late was to discover more about the history of the lighthouse and the romanticism associated with them. Hope you enjoy this brief essay on the lighthouse and why we love them so much. Of course the lighthouse Facebook Covers you are probably looking for are towards the bottom of this post. Enjoy.

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Lighthouses: Literary Romanticism And Functionality

Light houses are a symbol of hope. They have figured prominently in folk tales and literature as romantic precipices such as in the literary classic “To The Lighthouse” by Virginia Wolfe. There are many stories, movies and anecdotes where the lighthouse plays a prominent role.

From the haunting scenes of the lighthouse on the breakfront in the movie “the Ghost and Mrs. Muir” to the beautiful homes that are now being created in these restored treasures, the lighthouse is and forever will be a symbol that brings hope and peace to our spirits.


What is the purpose of a lighthouse?

The lighthouse was instituted to help seafarers to steer their way home in dense fog and starless nights. There are many hazards that before the invention of sonar devices could damage a vessel and even take the lives of the crew. There were cliffs to navigate through, shorelines to avoid and coral reefs. Lighthouses were built on sites that were close to these areas to warn sailing vessels of their proximity.

Nighttime was not the only dangerous times for sailors the lighthouse had to be visible during the daylight hours for the same reasons. There is a particular lighthouse in Scotland that is situated on a rock that is only visible several hours each day, without the lighthouse many ships would run right into it.

Most of us are familiar with the lighthouse as a large tower that emits light, but the very first lighthouses were little more than bonfires on beaches. One of the most famous lighthouses in history was built in 280BC called the Lighthouse of Alexandria on the Island of Pharos in Egypt. There are lighthouses on the coast of every country, from the famed one in Pharos to Peru.

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The lighthouses of old were very picturesque and as technology evolved so did the light house. The lighthouses of today are more about function than form that is why touring lighthouses of the past is a passion that will never die for many of us.

There are some very famous paintings of lighthouses that can be purchased as reproductions or digital images than can be upload to your computer wallpaper, laptop, ipad, iphone and Facebook Timeline that can convey a sense of calmness and serenity.

The lighthouse will forever be the symbol of a beacon of hope shining in the darkness and owning such a symbol will give you inner peace. Every time you see your personal lighthouse you will be reminded that there is always a way out of the darkness and that a light will lead you around any obstacles you face.

Are you looking for a lighthouse Facebook Cover Photo for your Timeline Cover? You can get photo reproductions of some of the most famous lighthouses in the world. There are photographs and digital enhanced images of lighthouses. Some featured prominently in the foreground and some quietly in the background blending in with its surroundings.

You can download and upload these lighthouse Covers straight to your Timeline photos for free and I found 10 websites where you can do just that.


Lighthouse Facebook Cover Photo Downloads


fbcoverlover: has 4 high quality lighthouse images that you can upload for free to your Timeline photos.  Some titles include a Drawing, a Scenic Sunset and a beautiful Lighthouse Photograph.

covermyfb: another 4 beautiful images of lighthouse Timeline Covers including a real Old Lighthouse Photograph, Sunset, Erie PA and Christmas.

iwantcovers: 3 cool Lighthouse Covers are featured here. You will find a Red White Colored, Fantasy Floating Island, and a High Cliff Stormy Seas.


pagecovers: looks like Lighthouse Cover photos come in 3’s. Here are three Cover image including a Sunshine and Fantasy Journey.


99covers: you’ll find 3 beautiful lighthouse photographs perfectly formatted for your Facebook Timeline Cover.  Featured lighthouse covers include Cape Florida State Park Lighthouse, Pointe Aux Barques, and Ploumanach in Perros Guirec.


Coverjunction: has 2 interesting images including a looking up perspective and a centered photograph with a teal color background.


firstcovers: looking for a beautiful sunset lighthouse cover? Then grab this one at firstcovers.


get-covers: a stunning sunrise old brick lighthouse Facebook Cover.


profilerehab: there are 2 high quality photographs of lighthouses including this rocky seashore white and red and  sunset example.


fcovers: a rich colorful scenic Cover with a sunset, flowing green grass and flowers with a lighthouse sitting on top of a hill.


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