10 Free Love and Heart Facebook Timeline Banner and Cover Picture Download Websites

Express your Love for someone close to you like a husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or lover, something you cherish, a family member, a friend, a special cause, an important life changing event or just for life itself  by displaying a beautiful cover picture on your new Facebook Timeline. Whether your in, out or in between relationships your bound to find a cover for almost any situation. If your happily in love there’s plenty of cover choices out there.

Perhaps your missing someone special or just want to say “I Love You” to a family member near or far away.  Maybe you just want to show the joys of living with a Love of life picture.  If you recently got married as newlyweds or you just got engaged these sites have covers for all those special moments that you can announce to your friends and family on Facebook. The large Facebook Timeline cover picture can visually paint these feelings for all of your loved ones to see.

Here are 10 websites that allow you to download or upload cover pictures and photos directly to your computer or Facebook Timeline. If you can’t find what you’re looking for see the post towards the bottom entitled: “Where Can I Find Free Facebook Covers?”.  I’ve listed another 35 websites not listed here that offer some Love Facebook covers. Note: quantities in bold written below are subject to change daily as new covers are continuously added.


10 Free Love and Heart Facebook Timeline Cover Download Websites


1. firstcovers: has 134 Love Timeline covers to select from including the following titles: “I Heart You”, “I Love You”, “Found The One”, “Love is Blind”, “Got Me Love Sick”, “Laugh and Love” and “Love Happens”. Just click on the picture cover that interests you, right click and save to your computer, then log into Facebook and add/change your cover to the selected picture on your Timeline.

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2. addacover: you will find 218 pictures in their “Love” category with titles like the classic “I Love You”, “Love in Pink”, “Love is..”, “In Love”, “Missing You”,  a really cool “Firey Love”,  a pink “Love  Bug”,  “You Give Me Butterflies”, and “F Love Cover”.

If your already in a relationship then you might enjoy these 58 Facebook love relationship covers. Perhaps you got engaged today you’d like the “Happily Engaged”, “True Love”, “Kiss Cover”, “Proud to be his Wifey”, “Forever”, “Crazy in Love”, “Til Death Do Us Part”, “Together Forever”, “Newlyweds” and “I miss you” Timeline covers.

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3. pagecovers: this site has a great “I Love ________” category with 56 “I Love” covers such as “I Love My Boyfriend”, “I Love You”, “I Love My Wife, my sons, my children” and so on.

4. fbookcover: has 40 Love covers ready for you to download and use. There are some pretty clever looking Love photos and artsy covers to choose from. A red toilet paper paint roll “I love myself” cover, “Love Hearts, “Love Light”, “3D letters Love” and a waded up paper “I Love You”.

5. fbprofilecovers: there are 32 unique and quality Love covers here free to download like a cool “Flower Love”, “I Love You 3D”, “Love Birds”, “Danbo Spreading Love”, “Emo Love Graphics” and “Happily Married”.

6. trendycovers: another special site with 40 Love Timeline covers with titles like “Holding Hands”, “Together Forever”, “Finger Love covers”, and a humorous “You Autocomplete Me”.

7. facebookcovers: this featured website has plenty of standout Love covers, 132 covers on one page. Just scroll down to see them all. There is a nice variety of Love covers to choose from with many Love quote pictures and some good ones too like “For love i’d do anything…For you i’d do more”, “All you need is Love” cover, “Love isn’t finding a perfect person. its seeing an imperfect person perfectly.”, “Love happens when you stop looking for it”, and “Words can’t say what love can do, I’ll be there for you”.


8. coverswag: has a large inventory of 134 Love covers with some great titles like “She’s in love too”, “Colorful Love”, “I Love You Message In A Bottle”, “Love Eggs” and “Love Cards”.

9. fbcoverlover: this site has 38 “Love” covers including titles like “Love in all languages”, “Forever in Love”, “Colorful Love Collage”, “I Love You Candy”, a “Black and White collage” and a cool tic tac toe Love cover called “Love Always Wins“.

10. facebooktimelinebanners: there are 70 Love Timeline covers all spread out on one page.  This site is loaded with cool pink and purple heart pictures perfect for displaying on your Timeline leading up to Valentines Day.

Want to find more “Love” Facebook covers? Check out this post linked below with 35 additional websites with free Facebook cover downloads and uploads.


Where Can I Find Free Facebook Timeline Covers?


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