10 Free Movie Gravity Facebook Cover Timeline Photo Free Downloads

Gravity the movie, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, is already getting rave reviews. If you’ve seen this movie especially in 3D or IMAX then you probably were impressed by the realistic presentation of space and the high quality breakthrough visuals envisioned and superbly rendered suspenseful by director Alfonso Cuaron.

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The movie has already broken box office records for the month of October and looks to garner Academy Award attention.

It is no doubt that the spectacular space visuals create a terrifying fear of claustrophobia and isolation, and this is why they make for great dark Facebook Covers.  

Below you will find 10 Movie Gravity Facebook Covers Photos that you can download for free. Just right click or ‘”touch” on your smartphone and save your selected Gravity image straight to your computer, laptop or mobile device.

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George Clooney Gravity Facebook Cover

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Gravity Movie Poster Facebook Cover 

Bullock and Clooney Gravity Facebook Cover 

Sandra Bullock Gravity Facebook Cover

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