10 iphone and ipad Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Apps On iTunes

Programming a bug free app for the iphone or ipad is obviously no easy task. I researched these 10 iTunes Cover Photo apps in the app store that currently support connecting and uploading images to your Facebook Timeline Cover straight from your mobile device.

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Some of these apps are Cover makers or editors while others provide pre-made Facebook Cover Photos in categories that you can select from and then easily upload to your Timeline.  Many of these apps are functioning but many are still in their early stages of development, beta versions if you will. Some are free and some have a small price tag. You’ll have to connect to itunes and have an account with them to download these apps.

Note, I am not recommending any of these Facebook Cover and Photo editor apps in anyway. In fact, some of them might not be working optimally or still have bugs. I am just listing the 10 apps I saw featured in the app store under the categories of Facebook Covers or Timeline Covers.  I listed a short description of the app plus a general summary of the listed reviews.

It may also be worth noting that there is a lot of competition out there in creating these apps and there is not much one can do if a competitor leaves a highly unfavorable review. With this in mind a review might very well be completely legit; however, it might be prudent to wait till more reviews accumulate before you make a final decision on which app to download.  

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The apps below are linked to the iTunes Preview pages. You can click on the view in iTunes button to launch your iTunes account if you’d like to try out and download these Facebook Timeline Cover apps.


10 Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Makers and Editor Apps for the iphone and ipad


1. Facebook Cover Designer:this is a free Facebook Cover app version 1.1.6 by Dropico Media with a customer rating of 3 1/2 stars out of 5 on itunes. The app is compatible with iphone, ipad and ipod touch. A good Facebook Cover Photo editor with some nice features and effects. It seems like the earlier versions were kind of buggy but later reviews after some bug fixes seem to indicate it’s a nice free working editor.

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2. Cover Photo Maker for Facebook Free:this a free Cover editor published by Chuckanut Media with a description that reads “Create Personalized Facebook Cover Photos in minutes without using Photoshop!”. There is a also a priced version of this app that has some better reviews. Anyway, it’s free but there aren’t many reviews out there, the reviews that are listed are reporting some bugs.

3. Cover Photo Maker for Facebook Pro: this is the priced version ($2.99) of the Cover Photo Maker by Chuckanut Media version 1.1 reporting better image quality, a profile picture placeholder, and options to share your Facebook Covers. Seems like this app has potential but some reviews are requesting an upgrade to fix some issues.

4. Facebook Cover Photos and personalised pictures for Page Timeline: another Facebook Cover Photo editor from Jeego.  Keep your eye on the review for this one as several people are reporting some bugs. You can use over 1,000 Covers for your Timeline such as Funny, Girly, Beautiful and Romantic. Just like the traditional Cover Photo websites download the app for .99 and use all the images in their inventory absolutely free.  The app lets you add or change your Timeline Cover whenever you feel the need too.


5. Facebook Timeline Cover Images: Make your profile PERSONAL! by Limbo Entertainment:  claims to have over 1,000 Covers you can upload directly to your Timeline. Reviews are mixed.


6. Facebook Timeline Covers: aCover app by Jaloxin with themes geared to a more mature audience. Reviews are somewhat mixed.

7. Fabulous Facebook Timeline Covers: by Mobster Media has lots of Cover Photos like animal skins, retro, emo, hip hop and lots more.  They have a series of Timeline Cover apps below.


8. Horror Facebook Timeline Covers: also by Mobster Media hassome decent reviews on their new 1.1 version.  Has your typical horror images like skeletons and zombies.


9. Facebook Cover Maker Lite: by ITNET design Covers using images on your phone. Several people like the app but are wondering if there is an English translation.

10. CovermyFace:a Cover editor for the ipad where you can create customized and interesting Facebook Cover Photos using pre-made templates from their gallery. Reviews are complaining the app is buggy.


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