10 Photo, Photograph and Photography Facebook Timeline Cover Picture Download Websites

Choosing the right photograph for your Facebook Timeline Cover can convey a lot of things. For one,  a more expressive, deeper emotion and meaning  can come right out of a good photograph. With attention to the underlying subject’s composition, color and light among other techniques a photographer can convey abstract ideas or emotional intimacy with a beautifully rendered artistic photo.

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Photographs can make the best Timeline Covers. They can be hauntingly beautiful. They can strike a visual metaphor beyond the captured moment to convey a mood, message or even an abstract idea.  For instance, the camera can capture loneliness and isolation in strikingly vivid ways by attention to composition using a black and white medium. Black and white nature and landscape photos taken by Ansel Adams are also remarkable examples of this medium (see no.6 allfbcovers for an Ansel Adams Mountain Facebook Cover).

With so many more of us connecting with our friends, family and acquaintances on Facebook I believe more people are going to utilize fully the power of their Timeline Cover to convey messages and feelings. A good aesthetic photograph can do this quite well.   

I’ve done over 50 posts about Facebook Timeline Covers and looked through almost 100 sites to find these 10 outstanding examples of Facebook Cover websites with photo specific categories. Many sites don’t have a designated Photography Cover Category so finding these 10 sites was like looking for several needles in a haystack.

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Quantities are in bold and are subject to change daily as more photos are added to inventories. So without further ado, here are 10 quality Photography Facebook Cover Timeline download websites.

10 Photos, Photographs and Photography Facebook Timeline Cover Download Websites


1. fbcoversking: has a nice collection of 73 beautiful photographs ready to download and upload to your Timeline for free. There are some stunning and incredible pictures like “Earth and Sunrise”, “Empty Warehouse”, “Sea Shore Sun Rise”, “Glowing City”, “Empty Train Carriage”, “The Future World” and “Subway Photography”.

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2. Myfbcovers: there are 218 various photographs with an array of unique subjects. Some featured Timeline photo covers include Stonehenge, Flamenco, Tipale 101, Sleeping Newborn, Cliff Jumping, Sunlit Water, Rainbow, Cabin in the Snow and Amazing Tornado. You’ll  have to upload these photos to your Timeline straight from within the Myfbcovers website.


3. CoverSwag: another premiere Facebook Timeline Cover site with a large inventory of 109 photos in the photography category. Use some of these covers to convey an expression or mood with titles like “the Road Ahead”, “Paris at the Touch”, “Astronaut on Windy Field”, “Leisure Time”, “There is Always Hope” and an incredible visual “Deadly Cigarette Smoke”.  Just right click and save the photograph to your computer or upload it by clicking on the “Click here to ADD to Facebook” option.



All Black and White Photography at 99covers

4. 99covers: has 76 stunning Black and White Facebook Timeline Cover photographs you can download to decorate your Timeline cover.  These photos are under the creative/black and white link in the upper left corner. Add a personal touch to your page by identifying with one of these cover titles among many: “Formulas Math Equations”, “Empty Swing”, “Lonely Island Tree”, “Cobble Road”, “Sand Dunes”, “Subway”, “Old Windmill” and “Statue of Liberty”.


5. addcovers19 standout photograph Timeline covers with some striking contrast black and white/color covers like “Kissing Under Umbrella”, “Rose in Hand”, “Red Glasses”, “Glasses on the Beach”, and a stunning blue “Bionic Eye”.

6. allfbcovers: has 50 0f some of the most stunning and captivating photos I’ve seen on any Facebook Cover site.  Some examples of these incredible pictures include an eye catching Huge Tornado, Wave Illusion, Van Gogh’s Inspiration, Alcatraz, Blooming Flowers, Tropical Island, Ansel Adams Mountain, and Singapore Sunset.

7. Myfacebookcover: has 68 quality Facebook photograph cover pictures to choose from with titles like Obey, I Like You (Facebook), Sydney Opera House, Imagine, Big Ben, Las Vegas, Eiffel Tower, City, New York and a clever Gotcha. Just right click and save to your computer.

8. facebookTimelineBanners: there are 105 Timeline pictures you can download from the photograpy category for free. The dimensions are the correct 850 X 315.  Covers don’t have titles but here are some general ideas of some of the themes: Abandoned House, Oak Trees, Bamboo, Black and White desert, Mountain Range and Lonely Tree in Field.


9. coverphotoz: has 32 brilliant photographs to select from for your Timeline Cover.  There are some unique and haunting perspective shots including an empty “lonely” Park Bench, a Railroad Tracks Vanishing point, Sistine Chapel Michelangelo, a brilliant white Winter Scene, a Cat and Boat pier photo, a View from Space, a black and white Windows and Tree and Leaning Building.  To get these wonderful photographs for your Timeline you’ll have upload them to your Facebook account from the coverphotoz website.


10. firstcovers: a tribute to the photographer with 18 quality photos of cameras and photographers. Pictures include classic old school pre-digital cameras like Polaroid, Nikon and Canon.


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