10 Spooky Ghost Facebook Cover Timeline Photo Downloads

Spooky ghosts are a fixture every year on Halloween night. Find any neighborhood block this Halloween and count how many ghost costumes you see. The ghosts to other costumes ratio is still pretty high.  A ghost costume is an easy and cheap substitute for that someone who is looking for a quick wardrobe outfit to put on so they can head out the door to do some trick or treating. Even after centuries of use the ghost costume still rules Halloween today.

Two eye holes and a white sheet is all you need to complete this ensemble. With Halloween just around the corner many people will no doubt be looking for spooky ghost Facebook Cover photos for their new Timeline.

I searched the Internet and found these 10 spooky ghost Covers you can instantly upload straight to your Timeline photos or download them to your computer. Don’t wait for Halloween to come around before you get your hands on some of these Facebook Covers now. 

As a bonus I thought I’d link to a site that showcases the top 10 real Ghost photographs. These are some of the most famous ghost photographs ever taken that deserve to be turned into spooky Facebook Covers. Use the special free editors and turn these photographs into cool Facebook Covers now.   

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 Spooky Ghost Facebook Cover Collection


firstcovers: has over 180 Ghost related Facebook Covers that you can download for free straight to your computer. While many of these images portray actual ghost pictures there are lots of Covers that have the “ghost” word somewhere in the title. For example there are images of the Ghost Rider, Ghost Whisperer, Ghost Adventures, and Ghost Reacon. There are many other ghost images to choose from just right click and choose the “save image as” option to download it to your computer.

fbcoverstreet: a scary blue smokey ghosts Facebook Cover.

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fbookcover: a cool animated ghost at the door trick or treat.

coverphotobook: a ghostly Facebook Cover.

99covers: a bizarre ghost image.

I believe in ghosts: a bizarre Halloween picture.

Ghostbusters: that famous quote in the hit song “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts“.

Covers123: a pretty creepy ghost in the shadows.

Ghost Wallpaper Cover: a different unique type of image wallpaper style.

Spooky Ghost Wallpaper: a cool white spooky ghost wallpaper design.


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