10 Twitter Feeds Tweeting About The Government Shutdown

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With the U.S. government shutdown looming ever so closer to the Friday Midnight deadline Twitter is again the place to find tweets from a variety of sources including top tweeting feeds from agencies and official government Twitter accounts. I put together a list of 10 important links to Twitter related sites and direct feeds tweeting about the potential crisis.

10 Twitter feeds Tweeting About The Potential Government Shutdown.

Govt_shutdown (sponsored by the National Journal):  the page’s bio reads- a countdown to the possible government shutdown in April 2011. A government shutdown clock site. Takes a while to load but is keeping tabs on the looming Friday midnight deadline by the hour and tweets it here. Plus, there are some interesting links to other important news concerning what agencies, businesses and groups will be effected by the shutdown.

Who’s essential – and who’s not: A brief guide ahead of possible #govshutdown: http://njour.nl/fAnir2 #1day2hrs

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GovTwit: hosts the world’s largest list of government agencies and elected officials on Twitter

NPRpolitics: this Twitter page’s bio reads- political coverage and conversation from @NPRnews

Tweetbeat: what tweeters are saying tweeting about the possible government shutdown using the #governmentshutdown and #ifgovernmentshutdown hashtags.

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ryanjreilly: this page bio reads: reporter for Talking Points Memo. Out of Washington D.C. the tweets here pertain to the ongoing negotiations between Obama and the house and senate representatives.

Barackobama: the President himself tweets of course. He has over 7,000,000 followers. Follow his tweets here.

Washingtonpost: this recognized news agency is reporting tweetings in real time about the government shutdown talks by the hour.

IRSnews: worried about how the government shutdown will effect your tax return and 2010 tax year filing? Check out the IRSnews tweets to find out up to minute information about potential delays.

Whitehouse: this is the official Whitehouse Twitter page. Get up to date tweetings, sometimes hourly.

GovtTwitterfeeds: this is an old list but a good, comprehensive list of government Twitter feeds that are still actively tweeting.  There are some links to their corresponding blog sites as well. Very valuable list to keep tabs on the possible government shutdown.

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