12 Ender’s Game Facebook Cover Timeline Photo Downloads

Ender’s Game the movie has finally arrived. Based on one of the most popular science fiction novels ever by Orson Scott Card Ender’s Game tells the story of an alien race of insect like creatures called Formics, Buggers in the novel, ¬†whose relentless and successful invasion of the planet Earth causes a change in military tactics by Earth’s military to try to alter the outcome of the war.

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Children are now being recruited and trained to go up against the Formics because of their superior fighting intuition and greatly adaptable brain functioning. Ender Wiggen being the best of the future cadets shows uncanny military leadership and strength and has the ability to oppose enemies with brilliant tactical maneuvering and sometimes cold hearted emotion. Just the thing needed to lead as commander against the Formics.

Zero gravity combat in Battle School is the name of the game here and Col. Graff believes Ender to be the One. Ender’s Game the movie allows us to finally attach visual faces and action scenes to the already popular and legendary 1980’s science fiction novel.

Many of the movies characters and popular scenes can now be used as Facebook Cover Photos for your Facebook Timeline.

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Below are 12 plus one extra bonus Ender’s Game Facebook Cover Timeline Photo downloads. Click on an image to see a larger preview, then right click or tap on your smartphone screen to save it to your computer or mobile device. You can then upload the image to your Facebook Timeline at any time.

There are several different types of Ender’s Game Facebook Covers here including the title card, cast of characters including Col. Graff Facebook Covers, Ender in uniform, Ender training in zero gravity, movie poster Cover, Ender Wiggens Facebook Cover, several great Ender’s Game quote Covers like “I refuse to feel weak” and “the power to cause pain is the only one that matters. The power to kill and destroy…”, and a desolate landscape scene.