12 Free Happy April Fool's Day Funny Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

The tradition of April Fools can be traced back several centuries to France when the Gregorian Calendar changed the date of the New Year to January 1st.

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You see up to this time the New Year was celebrated over several days beginning in late March and ending on April 1st. However, with the new date of January 1st many people didn’t get the memo that there was a change and continued celebrating the old now outdated calendar. Meanwhile, others would not accept the new date at all.

These non-compliant people were labeled as “fools” for not recognizing a different New Year’s date and thus became the unfortunate recipients of unwanted practical jokes and fools errands. While more serious and harsh at first this tradition of cruel trickery became more light hearted as the centuries passed. Eventually the tradition spread to other parts of Europe such as England and Scotland and later spilled over into colonial America.  You can read more about the history of April Fool’s at Wilstar dot com.

April Fools alive and well. It is celebrated on April 1 with the spirit of pranks, trickery and funny jokes being played out among family members in homes, friends in schools, colleagues at work and over a wide network of friends and family on the Internet. With Facebook now becoming the most dominant social network on the planet hundreds of millions of people have the opportunity to continue with this April Fool’s tradition by using the new Timeline Cover Photo feature.  

With the new Facebook Timeline you can celebrate this special day with an April Fool’s Day Facebook Cover Photo.  The Cover Photo is a large, mural type picture that sits atop your new Timeline.

While there are hundreds of Facebook Cover websites dedicated to the making of these exquisite Covers it was difficult finding April Fools related Covers so I created my own. Here are 12 April Fool’s Timeline Covers using free images I found from sources listed at the bottom of this post.  I ran these images through some free editors that correctly formatted themto the new Timeline Cover dimensions. The Tweeting blog’s post page cannot accomodate the entire photo’s dimensions so just click on the image to get the full effect.  

Just click on the image, right click on the bigger image to bring up the “save as” option, and then save the image to your computer. Log into your Facebook account and go to your new Timeline. Hover your mouse pointer over the Cover Photo area at the top. Select the “Change Cover” and “upload photo” option to upload your new April Fool’s Cover. That’s it.

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12 Free Happy April Fool’s Day Facebook Cover Photos


Title: Cat and Mouse

Title: Sheep Prank

Title: Lion Tamer Disappeared

Title: Crazy Face

Title: Happy Clown

Title: Pinocchio at Work


Title: Wrong Restroom Dude

Title: April Fools Party

Title: April Fool’s Gibberish


Title: Pop Goes the Clown

Title: Funny Face April Fool’s Disguise

Title: Cat’s Court Jester

sources: webgranth.com ,     funny-pics-fun.com

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