13 Create or Make Your Own Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Free Editor Makers

Making or creating your own Facebook Cover for your Timeline can be an easy and fun activity, especially when there are free online Facebook Cover editors, makers or generators out there that are simple to use. Many of us have busy daily schedules and don’t have the time or means to use professional image editing software like PhotoShop or even have the financial resources to pay someone to make a Cover for us.  

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If your one of these people then don’t worry. There’s never been an easier time than now to make your own Facebook Cover using these free online editors, makers and generators.  Over the past few months I’ve searched countless websites looking for free pre-made Facebook Covers that you can download straight to your computer or upload to your Timeline with special apps. During this time I’ve written almost 60 posts with descriptions and links to 80 quality sites that allow free downloads and use of all their Covers on your new Facebook Timeline.

While investigating these websites I also discovered that a few of them had excellent online Facebook Cover editors that allow you to import your own images or photos right into the program. Once the image or images are loaded you can use the many online editing tools to make, shape and refine your Timeline Cover.

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I put together 13 quality websites that featured some kind of Cover editor, maker or generator. There are basically two options that are usually provided in order to generate a Facebook Cover when using these editors.

Option one requires that you allow these editor apps to log into your Facebook account so there can be access to your stored photos. For obvious reasons these editors have built in programs that will randomly select (or you can pre-select the photos yourself) to create cool mixes, collages, Polaroids, name plates, and other pre-made template Covers. As always when you allow this type of log in read the policy and privacy agreements on each of these sites.

Option two will allow you to upload your own images and photos to the editor and save the completed Cover to your computer. You can log into Facebook and upload them yourself whenever you want.

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Most of these editors come with basic tools that allow for image manipulation such as adding text, image effects, resizing and cropping, adding special effects, clipart and colorful backgrounds.

Enough with the details it’s time to have some fun. Search through the free online editors I’ve described and linked to below, find one you like and start making a Facebook Timeline Cover today. Enjoy!

13 Free Online Facebook Cover Editors, Makers and Generators


1. myFBcovers

Use their easy  Cover creator to design your own customized Facebook Cover. It’s easy to get started. First, click on the “Create Custom Facebook Cover” button near the top. On the next page click on the select image and upload an image from your computer files straight to the editor. Give it a moment to let it load. Some of the features you can use with this image are the overall scale dimensions, stretch the width and height, rotate your image, and choose a background color.

  • Add effects like Sepia, Black & White, Emboss, Sketch, Panorama, Polaroid Photo, Image Manipulations (reflect horizontal, reflect vertical), and Watermark On/Off.  With the premium features you can use graphic overlays and add special effects.
  • Photo Collage Cover: click on the “Create Photo Collage Cover” and let the app upload photos from your album. Select 24 friends and click on “Create Collage”.  The Collage Generator will randomly choose photos and mix them up in no particular order. If your not pleased with the sequence of photos you can click on the “Start Over” button. If you are satisfied then you can click on the “Make My Cover” button and have the image uploaded straight to your Timeline.


2. firstcovers

One of the original and best Facebook Cover editor generators out there firstcovers has expanded their generators and now includes templates and editors for Collage, Quote, Polaroid, Scrapbook, Heart, Kissing Booth, Original and Name Covers. If you want all the generators combined then you need to check out the “Advanced Cover Maker“.  Click on the view all generators to get a short description with pictures of each type of editor.

  • Advanced Cover Maker: with this editor you can upload a pre-existing picture or photo and add text effects, filters and doodle graphics to create your own personal touch.



3. Get-Covers

Has an awesome Facebook Cover generator that uses lots of pre-made graphics and backgrounds. Just choose a background, add some graphics and text and your done. You can add you own effects, backgrounds and images in a flash. Once your done click once to upload it straight to your Facebook Timeline. This generator was built for ease and convenience.

4. allfbcovers


Click on the “Create Your Own Facebook Cover” to launch the editor. Click on the Upload Image button on the lower right corner that turns green when activated. You can re-size and re-crop the image if necessary. Add text, font color, style, size and type to your image. Covers are submitted to get approved.

5. Covercanvas (thesitecanvas)


Has a nice custom cover interface. Click the yellow “Get Started” button and the app will take a sampling of photos from your Facebook album and rearrange them in a pre-designed template. Scroll through the Cover options on the upper left in the small box titled “Custom Covers”. Scroll through the Photo and Name templates to click on a pre-made design that you like. You can also scroll through your Name and Photo’s template sections. If your unhappy with your selection you can always click on the “Remix” button and start all over.


6. addacover


Make your own Facebook photo with their free editor. This is a good one that allows you to upload your own photos, pictures and text. Click on the “Design Your Own Cover”  link in the upper right corner which brings up the free online editor. Here you can upload and image or apply the picture URL to begin the editor. You can manipulate features such as background color and background size. When your done you can preview and save your creation.


7. Timelinecovereditor


A quality Facebook Timeline editor with a easy to use interface. Simply upload photos and backgrounds from your saved files on your computer. Add custom emoticons, clip art, scrapbook art and banner frames by putting in the graphics code. Use the tool options for adding text and effects and save your Cover to your Timeline. A new feature also allows you to save your image to the Facebook profile picture.


8. fbprofilecovers


Click on the “Personal Preview Covers” button to start the editor. Scroll through the provided templates and choose a good one. Allow the editor app to access your Facebook account so photos can be retrieved

9. Profilegen (covereffects)


Has a simple Facebook Cover editor with several effects to choose from. Simply allow the app to log you in to your Facebook account to test some of the effects on your Cover.

10. Covertimeline


A direct upload a photo and create a Facebook Cover out of a simple photo. Just upload the image and add or change it to your Timeline. This is for those who want a simple photo as their Cover on the fly.

11. Coverjunction


Another simple upload editor. Just upload your image or photo, re-size it and upload it to your Facebook Timeline. Click on their personalized “My most liked photo” and “My top friends” to make quick Covers out of your favorite parts of your Facebook page.

12. Blingify


Use their Photo Effects Polaroid Maker-vintage polaroid generator. This is a great tool to create awesome looking Polaroid type photos with any current digital photos you’d like to change. Just upload your photos to the generator and create an instant Polaroid. These vintage Polaroids make great Facebook Covers.

13. Coverphotomagic


This is a free Facebook app designed to make it easy for you take your pre-existing photos and make them into stunning, eye-catching Covers. There are over 200 designer templates to select from including 60’s, Animals, Culture, Comics, Flowers, Graffiti, Lights, Music, Party Time, Romantic, Textures, TV, Timeline, Urban and Water. There are some awesome showcase templates here like the Polaroids. Just drag and drop you favorite photos into the designated areas and you can create an instant Cover. Give it a try.


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