15 Creative and Fun Ways To Use The Profile Picture With Your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

There will soon be hundreds of millions of Facebook Cover Photos showcasing people’s new Timelines over the next few months. I’ve done over 60 posts on different types of Cover Photos and categories here on the Tweeting blog and I’ve seen a lot of examples of creativity. 

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While the Facebook Cover Photo can be classic and beautiful on its own I thought I’d write a post on how people are using their profile picture in clever, creative and fun ways to compliment their new Timeline Cover Photo.

Believe it or not your profile picture is not dead. Quite the contrary, new life has been breathed into it with the addition of the new Timeline Cover Photo. In fact, for aesthetic reasons and for the overall quality and effect of your Timeline the profile picture and Facebook Cover must now truly work together in harmony.

Perhaps the importance of how you use your profile picture with your Facebook Cover was unintended at first. The profile picture is still a stand alone image in your news feed, but when synchronized with your Cover Photo it can lead to an explosion of creativity.

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For many of us the profile picture was a typical snapshot photo of you, you with friends and family, a place or thing of relevance. The profile picture alone could be a funny or serious way to express yourself. While many of us were creative with our profile picture something seemed to missing. It looks like the added element of the Facebook Cover has filled this void and given us more flexibility in our cleverness.

Many people who have recently switched to Timeline are realizing the power of creativity that the combination of the profile picture and the Facebook Cover allows. There are all ready many fine examples of creative and fun Facebook Covers that utilize the profile picture in clever and unique ways.

You can use simple free online image editing software, free online Facebook Cover editors or your own image editing software like Photoshop to help you create wonderful, exciting Facebook Covers. See the links below for more posts about using free photo editors and where to find thousands of Facebook Covers.

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Some more thoughts on your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Choosing from the many types of Cover images like nature, movies, funny, quotes and sayings, love, abstract, video games and 3D images can leave your profile picture in an awkward state if your not careful.  Most notably the profile picture might contrast with the Cover in an unsatisfying way. To alleviate this problem your going to have to get a little creative. Image editing software is easy to use and there are many free versions online (see related posts at the end of the article).  

While the content here was originally intended for a one post I gathered so many Covers that used the profile picture in creative ways that several follow up posts will be necessary to really cover the entirety of this topic.

In the meantime I have chosen 15 extraordinary examples of various, creative ways people are already using their profile picture with their Timeline Cover Photo. I wrote a short description of each approach and style to perhaps help inspire you to create a unique design yourself. The possibilities are endless so get those photo editing tools ready.


15 Examples of Creative and Fun ways to use the Profile Picture with the Facebook Timeline Cover


1. Miniaturism and Gigantism

Title: The Painter Makes A Mess

A clever trick that will surely get your Timeline Cover some attention is the use of miniaturism or gigantism on either your Cover or profile picture. In this example below the illusion of an enlarged tube of dripping acrylic green paint is created as it is suspended over the profile picture of the squinting eyes of the smaller face of the artist.  


2. The Action Shot

Title: The Sling Shot

A side shot angle of yourself doing an action of some kind might be a little odd or strange for your profile picture as a stand alone image; in fact it very well might turn some heads (which is what you want).  However, when combined with the much bigger Facebook Cover Photo some amazing things can happen. This clever use of the profile picture shows a person manning the famous sling shot in the Angry Birds game. See also No. 15 Video Game Shooter below.


3.  Complete the Face

Title: The Designer Chalkboard

One of my favorite Cover profile picture ideas  is the “complete the face” puzzle effect that keeps your profile picture mostly in tact on the news feed but when superimposed on top of your Timeline Cover the profile picture completes the face within the Cover and something important about yourself is revealed.



4. Photo Repetitive Doubling

Title: I’m this high

The repetitive doubling of your profile picture gives the illusion of a vanishing point. A clever photo editing trick that can work on many levels.


5. What’s Inside?

Title: I’m all bones

The idea of  juxtaposing your profile picture over your Cover to show the inner, hidden parts of something has a lot of creative possibilities. The animated creatures skeleton is revealed in the profile picture and completes this funny take on the overall Timeline Cover.


6. A Photo where it Naturally Belongs

Title: Passport Please

Another creative idea I’ve seen is the use of the profile picture as it takes the place of a actual real photo. As you can see in this clever passport Facebook Photo Cover a blurred profile picture substitutes for the actual photo.  This technique will work with any picture where there are photo frames or any similar image where a natural photograph or picture frame is presented.


7.  Interact with Yourself

Title: Here you go

Another effective technique is to interact with yourself. This interchange with yourself between the profile picture and the Facebook Cover Photo can lead to some unique and clever designs. For example, you can hand yourself something like in this photo or play tug a war with yourself. The ideas are endless.


8.  Part of the Show

Title: Muppetational

Put yourself into a show. The natural position of the  profile picture on your Facebook Cover replaces one of the characters in this Muppet Show scene. This effect can be used with your favorite TV show, game show, or movie (see feature film below).  


9.  The Inanimate Object

Title:  The Flick

The underutilized inanimate object sometimes make the best profile picture; and it can be just an ordinary object that does the trick. When put in motion by something much larger by an image on your Cover Photo then things become much clearer. A wad of paper below is about to get flicked into oblivion. This is a humorous example of a rather oblique profile image suddenly taking on a whole new meaning when your Timeline Cover is revealed.


10.  Dress yourself up in a scene

Title: Underwater Adventure

Your friends and family might be wondering why you might be wearing a swimming mask and snorkel in your profile picture. Things will become clear soon enough when they see the scenery you put yourself into when they click on your Timeline. Dressing yourself up to compliment a bigger piece of scenary or landscape can lead to some very creative Photo Covers. For your Facebook Cover take one of your travel or vacation photos or create your own with some cool photo editing software. It all works.


11. The Thought or Speech Bubble

Title: I wonder….

Everyone can have fun with thought or speech bubbles. These types of Covers will probably be one of the most popular.  There are several free applications that let you upload images and create simple thought bubbles on the fly. I’ve tried the Superlame  app that made it easy to add speech bubbles to my photos and it’s pretty cool (see my Godzilla example below). Just put in the desired text and mess around with the bubble placement and have some fun. The following 3 examples below show some ways to incorporate thought and speech bubbles  into your Facebook Cover.







12.  The Copycat

Title: The Covered Gasp

The copycat technique can manifest itself in many ways. Duplicating a profile picture image already in your Facebook Cover or vice versa is a creative way to reinforce a specific action or expression. In this very involved example a boy mimics his own profile picture expression of a covered gasp with a digital pencil sketch image of a mirror image of the identical facial expression on the Cover Photo.  This example also illustrates how you can combine a real photograph with an illustration or drawing.


13. Feature Film

Title: Opening Credits

Be a part of your favorite movie scene or memorable movie moment. It’s time to dust off some of those DVD’s and revisit some of those old classics.




14.  Storybook Fantasy

Title: Dragon Slayer

Put yourself into your favorite storybook and become a character or interact with characters in the story.  This clever Photo Cover shows a profile picture of a person grasping a sword as it blends into the Timeline Cover of an illustration storybook scene. You can take this idea one step further and use practically any illustrated print media such as a newspaper or magazine, or you can even create your own illustration.




15. Video Game Shooter

Title: Level 1

Become a part of the action and put yourself as a player in your favorite new or classic video game. This is sure to be a popular profile picture/Cover idea for younger audiences.


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