20 Classic Scary Costume Halloween Mask Facebook Profile Pictures

Have you ever considered swapping out your current Facebook Profile Picture with a classic scary costume Halloween mask profile picture to get in the spirit of Halloween?

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If you stumbled upon this post then perhaps you have already considered doing just this and thus have begun searching for a particular scary, bad guy or horror Halloween face mask profile picture. If you have started your search then you came to the right place here on Tweeting.

Below you will find 20 of the most popular, classic, scary, spooky horror movie and book character bad guys and gal that span several generations.

Each Halloween mask Facebook Profile Picture has been already pre-formatted to the Facebook Profile dimensions. First, click on the thumbnail version below to get a larger view of the image. Then, all you need to do is right click on the image and save it to your computer or laptop or “tap” your smartphone and select “save image” to your camera roll photos.

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There is a nice looking collection of Halloween mask scary profile pics including a classic Michael Myers Facebook Profile Picture, Jason from Friday the 13th, the Joker, Snow White Witch, Leatherface, Pinhead, Mummy, IT Killer Clown, Scream, Predator, Saw Mask, Frankenstein, Ghost Facebook Profile Picture, Teen Wolf, Skull, Grim Reaper, Exorcist, Freddy Krueger, Chucky, and a Hannibal Lecter profile picture.

Looking to match a favorite Halloween mask Facebook profile picture below to the corresponding Facebook Timeline Cover? Click on this link below to see all 20 of these profile pictures and their matching Facebook Covers:

Top 20 Classic Scary Halloween Costume Masks Facebook Cover Timeline Photos


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Here are the same 20 scary masks profile pictures decorated for Halloween. The Saw Mask Facebook Profile Picture is sure to send chills down your spine while the Grim Reaper Facebook Profile Picture continues to haunt us to the end of our days.


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