2014 Happy New Years Tag Tweets and Hashtags Trending on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Here is the this years 2014 Happy New Years tags related hashtag list, tweets on Twitter and other social networking sites.

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The Happy New Year hashtag on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more.

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More popular Happy New Year’s hashtags:


  • the main general hashtag on this 2014 New Year’s Eve and Day. See what people are saying all over the world.


  • let the party begin. New Year’s Eve celebration tweets, comments and posts from around the world.
  • 2014 is looking to be an exciting year. What are people tweeting as they tag with the #newyearseve hashtag?


  • another variation on the 2014 New Year hashtag.


  • so long 2013. Time for reflection on the good times and the bad and the hopeful new beginnings for many of us in 2014.


  • what’s happening in New York City’s famous Times Square. Find out about the traditional ball drop, musical performances and guest stars for this 2014 New Year’s Eve celebration.


  • You can’t have a New Year’s celebration without talking about New Year’s resolutions. What will be some of your 2014 New Year’s Eve resolution tweets? What are other people’s 2014 New Year’s tweets.


  • another variation resolution hashtag. What will you change or do differently in 2014? Enjoy the New Years resolution hashtag now.


  • New York Times Square annual ball drop is tagged with this hashtag.


  • what are people doing and where are they partying as the world ushers in the new world.


  • 2014 begins on this day. What’s happening around the world on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, Tout, and Gawker right now?


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