30 Free Russia Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Facebook Cover Timeline Photos

The fresh theme and look for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games is quite breathtaking. Sochi will continue where the London 2012 Summer Games left off advocating a strong social media presence in their Winter Olympic Games which is reflected in various visual representations showcasing Russia’s unique and rich culture.

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Sochi has even used the .ru in their own official logo for the games, Sochi 2014.ru, that suggests you can participate fully in the Winter Olympics by visiting their official website and viewing information on things such as athlete profiles, competition schedules, times and match-ups, medal rounds, updated medal counts, breaking news stories, fan participation areas, Olympic apparel,  high quality images and daily streaming video.

If you’re looking for Sochi Winter Olympic Facebook Cover Photos for your Facebook Timeline that incorporate the official themes, colors and images of this years designated city Sochi then you’ve come to the right place.

The official Sochi 2014 color themes and Olympic park designs make for some great digital imagery for a Facebook Cover. The primary color theme and look of the games is based on a visual concept called “The Olympic patchwork quilt” developed by Bosoco.


patchwork quilt

The images depicted on the banners, flags, apparel, merchandise, and in other manners show the diverse character and virtues of Russian culture such as motherland, family, warmth, happiness, peace, nobility, greatness, creativity, and planet Earth.

This generated a synergy and infusion of design using traditional patterns used in the fine arts and clothing inherent in the history of Russia’s 89 regions. Patch designs include things like Kubachi patterns, Yakutsk patterns, fabrics of Ivanovo, Zhostovo paintings, Russian Calico and flowers of Pavlo Possad shawls.

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kuban patterns Sochi patchwork

Russian Calico Sochi patchwork quilt

If you look below there are many variations of the Russia patchwork quilt Facebook Cover Photos that you can use as your Timeline Cover. These Facebook Covers are just beautiful with intricate designs seemingly woven into a sea of vibrant colors.

Below you will find 30 Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Facebook Cover Photos that showcase a variety of images like these:


  • Olympic patchwork quilt design theme and concept
  • Patchwork quilt theme pictograms for particular competitive events
  • Various Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic logo Facebook Covers
  • Shots of Olympic Park in all its splendor and radiance
  • On location images of the competition sites

All Sochi Facebook Cover Photos can be downloaded for free and uploaded to your Timeline just in time for the Olympics, February 6-7 2014.


30 Free Russia Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Facebook Cover Timeline Photos


1. Sochi Olympic logo Timeline Cover with beautiful blue patchwork quilt background.


Sochi Winter Olympic Facebook Cover Photo


2. Official  Sochi Winter Olympic Logo Facebook Cover.


Sochi official logo Facebook Cover


3. The Sochi Olympic Logo with a first time URL (.ru) in an Olympic logo with beautiful purple and blue patchwork quilt background.


Sochi Facebook Cover


4. The official Sochi Gold, Silver and Bronze Olympic Medal Facebook Cover.


Sochi Winter Olympic Gold Medal Facebook Cover


5. All the Winter Olympic Sporting Event Icon Facebook Cover.


Winter Olympics Facebook Cover


6. Up close Olympic Gold Medal Facebook Cover; just exquisite.


Gold Medal Facebook Cover


7. Sochi Green Splash Olympic patchwork quilt Facebook Photo.


Sochi Green Splash Facebook Cover


8. Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics main theme and color of The Olympic patchwork quilt Facebook Cover Photo.


Sochi Winter Olympic Color Facebook Cover

9. More Sochi Winter Olympic patchwork quilt Facebook Cover Photos with green, blue, purple,  pink and red, and orange colors.

Winter Olympic Color Facebook Cover


10. Beautiful Sochi 2014 official color patchwork quilt theme Olympic Cover Photo.


Sochi Olympic Colors Facebook Cover


11. Sochi Winter Olympic snowy mountain background Cover.


Winter Olympic Mountain Background Facebook Cover

12. Sochi 2014 Facebook Photo with snow covered mountain range background.


Sochi Facebook Cover Photo


13. Up close beautiful design Sochi official gold medal Facebook Cover with the ingrained official Russian patchwork quilt design.


Sochi Gold Medal Facebook Cover


14. Inside Luge Facebook Cover


Luge Facebook Cover


15. Fisht Olympic Stadium Facebook Cover


Fisht Olympic Stadium Facebook Cover


16. Ski Winter Olympic Facebook Cover


Ski Winter Olympic Facebook Cover


17. Winter Olympic Facebook Cover with the vibrant Sochi theme colors.


Winter Olympic Facebook Cover Photo


18. Skiing and snowboarding Facebook Cover photo made up of the patchwork quilt theme.


Skiing Facebook Cover Photo


19. Ice figure skating Facebook Cover.


Ice Skating Facebook Cover


20. Olympic banners Facebook Cover Photos with the official Olympic patchwork quilt designs.


Sochi Olympic Banners Facebook Cover


21. 2014 Sochi Olympic Facebook Cover collage of the official Olympic patchwork quilt designs.


2014 Olympic Color Facebook Cover


22. Sochi Olympic Park Facebook Cover.


Sochi Olympic Park Facebook Cover


23. Sochi Olympic Mascots Facebook Cover Photo.


Sochi Olympic Mascot Facebook Cover Photo


24. Snowboarding Facebook Cover.

Snowboarding Facebook Cover


25. Snowboarding Facebook Cover Photo.


Snowboarding Facebook Cover Photo

26. Olympic Figure Skating Facebook Cover.

Figure Skating Facebook Cover

27. Olympic Ice Hockey Facebook Cover Photo.

Ice Hockey Facebook Cover Photo

28. Freestyle Facebook Cover.

Freestyle Facebook Cover


29. Bobsleigh Facebook Cover.


Bobsleigh Facebook Cover

30. Biathlon Facebook Cover.

Biathlon Facebook Cover



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