4 Top Daily Horoscope Twitter Accounts

Knowing your daily horoscope and having it tweeted to your Twitter account has never been easier. Here are 4 Top  Twitter accounts that tweet your daily horoscope.

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1. @TweeterScopes: this is the official Twitter account of zodiac-astrology-horoscopes.com with over 14,000 followers and almost 30,000 tweets to date.  Tweets astrology horoscopes daily and hourly. This is a great Twitter horoscope feed. Here are some of the details I found monitoring their tweet stream:

  1. The #StarSignFacts hashtag: some tweets running under the hashtag #StarSignFacts post sign facts about people, sometime famous, such as when they were born and some characteristics of their sign. For instance, this month-Tom Cruise, born under Cancer – 3rd July.
  2. Relationships-what happens when a Gemini falls in love with another Gemini?  or Taurus adore the affection that Cancers offer. There are plenty of relationship horoscope compatibility tweets here with matching tips for different signs.  Advice for signs to follow to get the most out of their love relationships.
  3. The Daily sign tweet-the strongest feature of this tweet stream the daily signs give insight, characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, predictions-forecasts, and more every day for each sign.
  4. Celebrity birthdays of the month with signs.
  5. The month’s zodiac sign is highlighted and tweeted about throughout the month. This month you can get your Cancer horoscope for 2011.


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2. @twittascope: the official Twitter account for Twittascope by Tarot.com with over almost 26,000 followers and  1,800 tweets to date.  Looks like you’ll have to sign up and let Twittascope gain access to your Twitter account but they can tweet you daily horoscope straight to your tweet stream. Tweet stream is corrolating to July so get your cancer horoscope today here.

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3. @horoscopedotcom: the official Twitter account of horoscope.com with over 3,500 followers and almost 700 tweets. The horoscopedotcom Twitter profile bio says tweets will be about “ astrology site, horoscopes, tarot, games, Chinese Zodiac, , food scopes, career, money, teen, pets, love scopes, “. Tweets contain astrology signs with links back to articles on their regular website horoscope.com.

4. TweetScopes.com: this month’s highlighted Twitter account feed for the 2011 cancer horoscope  is @cancer_scope with over 12,000 followers and 735 tweets. You can sign up for your zodiac sign and receive your daily horoscope tweeted straight to you.  Horoscopes for July include a breakdown of different categories with a certain percentage that is assigned to each one. See sample below:

Tweets at @cancer_scope

June 30th: Wellness:18% * Intellect:48% * Creativity:40% * Love:84% * Money:51% * Work:85% *

Every day percentages will fluctuate. Tweets will also contain  links within the tweets so you can read your daily horoscope.

This is a great place to get your Cancer horoscope today as well as any other zodiac sign.