5 Barbecue Recipe And Grilling Twitter Feeds

With Memorial Day and the impending summer vacation days just around the corner you can bet barbecue pits and gas grills will be fired up all across the country.  You can also bet Twitter and tweeting will also be active this summer tweeting about barbecue. So what do barbecue and Twitter have in common?

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Well, I found no better place to get info on BBQ recipes and grilling tips than on Twitter. You can get plenty of info from barbecue experts who are using Twitter to tweet their secrets. I searched around and found these barbecue Twitter feeds that tweet recipe ideas, sauce ingredients, marinades, sides, and grilling tips. So here it is.

5  Barbecue Twitter Feeds That Tweet Recipes, Sauces And Grilling Tips

@BBQSauceRecipes– Only 44 tweets to date but they are all recent. Some excellent marinades and sauce recipes.  Here’s the Twitter feed profile: “If you love BBQ then you’ll have to check out my website. We are working on being the definitive source for BBQ Sauce Recipes anywhere on the planet!”

@BBQAddicts– With over 800 active tweets and 2,2oo Twitter followers BBQAddicts is comprehensive barbecue feed that covers all aspects of  barbecuing. Here is their Twitter profile: “We feature all aspects of BBQ from grilling and smoking in your backyard to competition BBQ. We sponsor and are members of a competitive BBQ team from KC!”

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@BarbecueRecipes– Tweets dishes and barbecue sauces and recipes. The Twitter profile states “Pitmasters easy to do Old-Time Barbecue and Grilling Food Recipes on YouTube!”


@bestbarbecueFor Texas barbecue lovers this is a nice Twitter feed that tweets the best type of barbecue in cities and counties throughout Texas. Lots of retweets here with links and articles.

 @BBQTricks– An excellent Twitter feed with almost 5,000 tweets.  Tweets have links to articles from different sites and publications such as the New York Times discussing barbecue tips, tricks, secret ingredients, recipes, marinades, sauces, seasonings and grilling secrets. A great Twitter feed.