5 Father's Day Twitter Feeds Tweeting Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and as I know finding a gift for you Dad can be sometimes a difficult experience. It seems like year after year he always gets a similar, the same or an unimaginative gift. Wish it can be different this time?

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I did, so I did some research on my own these past couple of days and narrowed my search to 5 Twitter feeds tweeting cool Father’s Day gift ideas. There are some unique ideas here;  just visit these feeds and click on a tweet that interests you.

@HSN_Official: look for great deals for Father’s Day as well as any other day at the Home Shopping Networks Official Twitter feed. This is a great Twitter feed and the HSN tweets hourly the latest deals that are happening right now on HSN. Tweets have links to interesting articles, product news and tips. Over 12,000 followers and growing with almost 5,000 tweets to date.

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@HotSauceVault: Men like barbecues and Fathers are men the last time I checked. I stumbled on this Twitter feed when I was looking for barbecue stuff for my dad. This site’s Twitter profile and bio explain what you might find in these tweets:

“Hot Sauce, Mustards, BBQ Sauces&Rubs, Hot Nuts, Crazy Gifts for Birthdays & Gag gifts. Funny labels will make you laugh! We tweet fun things to make you think”

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My guess is you can find something here that most Father’s young and old will  like for sure. Check out this latest tweet:
Father’s Day South Park Fans. “The Hot Sauce That Killed Kenny.” He would have lived if he used just 1 drop. http://goo.gl/KaUlG
@seasonsgift: I stumbled across this great Twitter feed tweeting about lots of great Father’s Day Gift ideas.  There is a tweet titled the 10 Hottest Father’s Day Gifts for 2011 plus a real interesting tweet shopping for dad’s gift by personality type:



@tm_fathersday: get great gift ideas, coupons, discounts and more here at tm_fathersday. If you get stuck without a gift you might want to quickly click on the outgoing links within these tweets. I’m sure you’ll find something respectable to give dad.

@giftsdotcom: this is the Official Twitter feed of the gifts.com website. They are having a whole Father’s Day bonanza right now where your sure to find a gift idea or two for Dads everywhere. Tweets are informative but you might need to head over to the official website gifts.com. Look in the top right corner for Father’s Day gift ideas.

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