5 Feeds That Tweet About Twitter And Your Online Business

If your thinking about integrating Twitter into your business plan your not alone. There are literally thousands and thousands of articles on the internet that can tell you how to optimize Twitter to maximize its potential in gaining customers and growing your business.

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Following Twitter feeds related to this topic is an easy and no-hassle way to find information and links to daily articles and tips on using Twitter for your business. These tweets can give you a steady daily diet of advice and help. I put together 5 Twitter feeds that do just this.  Take a look.  

5 Feeds That Tweet About Twitter And Your Online Business:  

1. @SocialNetDaily-with over 115,00o followers and 13,000 tweets SocialNetDaily is a great Twitter feed for anyone looking to grow their business.  At a glance recent Twitter related posts have links and hashtags that include Twitter 101 lessons, how to tweet right on Twitter and optimize your content, and what you need in your Twitter biography. Truly, one of the best Twitter feeds I’ve seen.

2. @problogger– one of the most successful bloggers on the internet Darren Rowse’s Twitter feed tweets lots of helpful links to posts on his blog about how to use Twitter to help grow your business or online presence. Recent tweets include news about Twitter’s newly launced photo-sharing service and links to ebooks he is selling on ways to integrate Twitter into your business plan.  Darren Rowse has over 135,000 followers.

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3.  Twitip.com-run by problogger this site has articles only on Twitter and how to use it more effectively so you can grow your online business.  There are some interesting posts on how to manage and gain followers the right way. Guest posts are frequent.

4.@oneforty– tweets social media software information. Recent tweets include how to schedule tweets the right way, how to invite your customers on to Twitter, and 6 Twitter tools to make life easier. Tweets daily business advice when using Twitter.

5. @markotu-also runs a webite called Twittertips.com. This Twitter feed tweets daily information about how to strategize and use Twitter as a tool for business growth.

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