5 Free 3D Three Dimensional Facebook Timeline Cover Picture Download Websites


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Three Dimensional Facebook Timeline Covers

The 3d three dimensional banners or covers that you can download for free off these websites are formatted perfectly for your Facebook Cover. The large dimensions of the space accommodate 3D images particularly well.  All of these covers are free and easy to download.  Usually, a script will prompt you to log into your Facebook account direct from the site, upload your selected photo and then ask you to change it on your new Facebook Timeline page.

Here are 5 websites I found with links straight to their 3D categories. I searched around quite a while as this category was one of the hardest to pinpoint. Most Facebook cover sites either haven’t categorized them yet or spread them out into various categorie. When I find more 3D covers I’ll write another post. In the meantime these 5 sites have a nice selection of 3D Timeline covers  and some of the best 3D Facebook covers on the web and all are free to download. I indicated the approximate number of covers each website has in bold. Enjoy.

1.fcoverphotos: one of the largest inventory of exceptional 3D Timeline cover categories I’ve come across. There are 58 rich 3D (three dimensional covers) with inventive designs, clear colors and unique textures. Just have a scroll through them one at a time. There is an upload to Facebook Cover button below the selected picture. Just click on this an it was ask to log into your Facebook account. Once logged in the selected picture will be uploaded into your photo album. To change to this cover just hover over your current cover and a change cover drop down feature will appear. Select change cover and choose the one you want straight from the photo album.

2. coverpassion: there are 24 highly rated Cover pictures with many unique and creative examples. The quality and definition of these pictures is second to none. One of the best sites I’ve seen for 3D Facebook cover offerings. You won’t be disappointed.

3. freeprofilecover: freeprofilecover has 47 3D covers and banners to choose from. Choose from a selection of three dimensional 3D contorted letters, numbers, arrows, and other geometrical shapes all colorful and with full shadow effect to give you a real 3D image.

4. covertimeline: there is a nice overall selection of Timeline cover pictures to browse through. There are 8 superbly designed 3D covers here. There is obviously not a lot of pictures but the site is worth having as a future resource as more covers become available. These particular 3D covers will blow you away.

5. facecoverz: looks like the 3D category has just started to grow as there are only 6 3D images in the gallery at this time.  The android vs apple and the brain neuron covers stand out. Look for more 3D covers to be added soon.


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