5 Free Dolphin Facebook Cover Photo Download Websites For Your Timeline

Dolphins are fascinating mammals. In relative terms their intelligence is unmatched in the animal world and generally considered second to humans on the intelligence scale. Dolphins are graceful and elegant creatures that demand utmost respect as a beneficial species to our global ecosystem.

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Dolphins are mammals that people admire so animatedly that many times they surround themselves with dolphin related things. If your one of these people or just someone who loves dolphins then you might have been looking for dolphin Facebook Cover Photos for your new Timeline. Dolphins swimming solo, in pairs, or in pods can make for an incredible photograph opportunity. There are literally thousands of pictures of dolphins out there with many of them turning up as new Facebook Covers.

Here are 5 quality Cover websites that showcase some great digital image photographs of dolphins of all types and quantities. All images are free to download and upload to your Timeline.

1. freeprofilecover: this website has a category all dolphins with 34 beautiful photographs of dolphins either in singles, pairs or pods. Click on the image you like and then click on the small download word to get an image that you can right click and save to your computer. You can also use the special apps to upload the image straight to your Timeline photos.

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2. covermyfb: has 10 Dolphin Facebook Cover Photos that you can download for free or upload to your Timeline photos using their special app. Dolphins are jumping in clear blue ocean water in the day and at sunset. There are animated cartoon Dolphin Covers and a cool Dolphin Ocean theme Photos.

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3. get-covers: another popular Cover website I’ve featured on the Tweeting blog is Get-Covers which has 4 unique Dolphin photograph Facebook Cover Photos that you can download for free. There are some wonderful Dolphin pod photo Covers.


4. coverslike: has some interesting dolphin Covers like a surreal cow jumping with dolphin, another cute kissing dog, and a cool animated cartoon image. Just right click on the larger image to save to your computer.


5. pagecovers: has 3 photograph Dolphin image photos including a beautiful photoshop piece with 6 Dolphins jumping out of a deep rich blue ocean. You can use the special app to upload the image to your Timeline photos.


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