5 Free Facebook Timeline Banner and Cover Photo Download Websites

Here are 5 websites that allow free downloads of Facebook Timeline Banner and Cover Photos. Many of these websites allow you to create and customize images on your own. Some of these sites have Facebook graphic editors that are simple to use. You can create a Facebook Timeline Cover pic on the fly and upload it to your Facebook page.

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1. Facebooktimelinebanners.com-this is one of the more involved sites I’ve seen with a large inventory of Facebook cover images with over 30 categories including quotes, personal, love, movies, music, elegant, animals and art. Has a simple 3 easy step guide to download the images and upload them to your new Facebook Timeline Cover Page.

2. Designfacebookcovers.com-another quality free Facebook Timeline banner download site that has categories in creative, hobbies, funny, nature and emotions. Just save to file and upload the image to your own personal Facebook page.

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3.Freetimelinecovers.net– there is a growing inventory of free Facebook Timeline Cover Banners here to download. How do I copy my Facebook Timleine Cover to my Facebook page you might be asking? It’s easy, just like the other websites, right click and save to a folder then go to your Facebook page, select add/change cover, browse your folder for the desired Cover and upload it. It’s that simple. Check out these cool Christmas holiday Facebook Cover Photo Banners.

4. Newfacebookbanners.com-this website has an easy graphic interface tool for creating cool Facebook Covers on the fly. Supports the Facebook Timeline editor where you can integrate lots of clipart and backgrounds.  You can use their Facebook editor tool on site. It’s easy to use and free. With their Facebook Cover and Banner editor you can upload pictures, backgrounds and other graphics then use their tool and text options to create the Facebook Timeline Cover you always dreamed about. You can also use their suggested graphics to spice up your page. You can add some emoticons, scrapebook art and profile picture banner frames. Start using their free Facebook Cover graphic editor.


5. Myprofilecovers.com– one of the best sources out there to get the Facebook Timeline Cover design you’ve been looking for. You can even submit or suggest your own Facebook Covers.  There are lots of categories to choose from including animal covers, cartoon covers, black and white, famous people, funny, girly, movies, nature, seasonal, quote Facebook Covers and user submitted banners. Check out their Happy New Year Facebook Covers.

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