5 Friends and Friendship Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Websites With Free Downloads

Facebook was built on friends and with the new Timeline nothing seems to have really changed in this regard. With Facebook now more than ever our friends are more ingrained in our lives.

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There are some days when  just a simple acknowledgment of the important people in your life can bring satisfaction and fulfillment.

One of the ways you can acknowledge friendship and loyalty is to display a Friendship Cover Photo atop your Timeline.

Our friends care about our well being. When it comes to our best friends they are always there for us no matter what the circumstance or situation. True friends carry an unconditional attitude when wanting to help others in times of trouble and need. We look to our friends for comfort and guidance, for support and strength. But more than anything else our friends genuinely care about us, our aspirations, and our dreams.

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There are many different types of Cover Photos to choose from with the most popular images being the friendship quote Covers along with other expressive sayings, photography and digital art images. Many of these friendship quotes are very beautiful and poetic.

I searched over 100 websites to find 5 quality Facebook Cover free download websites which contained specific “friends” categories. All of these images are free to download and upload to your Timeline. Enjoy.

Top 5 Friends and Friendship Facebook Cover Download Websites


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1. addacover: one of the best Facebook Cover Photo free download websites on the Internet has over 50 friendship pictures to choose from with some beautiful Cover titles like Best Friends Cover, Forever, Danbo, Life and Broken Friendship Cover. There’s practically something for everyone who values the meaning of friendship. There are 2 ways you can save an image on addacover: first, you can always right click and choose the “save image as” option or click on the large orange “Upload Cover To Facebook” button.

2. fbcoversphoto: has 12 beautiful and touching Friendship Facebook Cover Photos with several different types of styles including poignant friendship quotes, a cool cartoon sketch, dancing at sunset, black and white boy and girl, friends are notes, and the popular fingures. Save the image to your computer with the right click and “save image as” option.


3. firstcovers: there are 36 unique friends and friendship Cover Photos that you can download to show how you feel about what friends mean to you. Some featured titles includeBe My Best Friend, You’re My Spongebob, Best Friends Quote, Till We’re Old, The Memories, Funny Quote, and Fake and Real Friends Quote. You can right click and save the image to your computer or click on the blue “click here to make this your profile cover” blue button.


4. pagecovers: if your looking for friendship Facebook Cover quotes then you have to click on this link to pagecovers. There are over 50 priceless and memorable Friend’s Cover Photo quotes to choose from including titles like If You Fall, Friends Forever Enemies Never, Thanks for Taking Care, Some People Make The World, Behind Us Our Enemies, A Friend is Someone Who Knows, No Matter How Strong, The Best Things In Life, and A Friend Understands You Even. You’ll have to use the special app to allow pagecovers to upload your selected image straight to your Timeline photos by clicking on the blue “click here to make this your profile cover” button.

5. facebookcovers: this is a really cool preview site linked to firstcovers with around 30 large Cover Photos all on one long page for easy viewing.  There are around 30 friendship pictures with many images I’ve seen on other sites as well. There are some exquisite examples of meaningful friends images like heartfelt quotes, black and white, and expressive sayings. Just right click and save the image straight to your computer.


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