5 More Free Facebook Timeline Download Covers, Photos and Banners Websites

5 More Free Facebook Timeline Covers, Photos, Banners and Templates

With the introduction of the new Facebook Timeline the profile picture is being dwarfed by the much more encompassing cover picture. The cover will be the most dramatic and visual thing people will see when they visit your timeline everyday. Many are asking questions like “where can I find quality Facebook Timeline cover photos? and “are they free and easy to download?”

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I’ve searched around and found 5 more free Facebook Timeline Cover websites with their accompanying Twitter accounts if they have them. Twitter is a great way to get daily tweets on the latest covers added to these websites inventory. Please see the related articles section after this post to find more download free cover websites.

1. Myfacebookcover.com – the site continuously updates Facebook Timeline covers and photos daily. Right now they are offering over 650 designs.  You can even upload a cover or suggest one to be uploaded.  There are some interesting categories to choose from including video game Facebook timeline covers,  collegiate, football, photography covers,  funny and sports.

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@myfacebookcover: the official Twitter account of myfacebookcovers.com. Follow tweets to get constant daily updates on popular Facebook Timeline  covers and newly added Facebook photo covers.


2. Facebookprofilecovers.com-this is one of the premiere Facebook cover photo websites I’ve seen out there. The categories are filling up with covers daily with a large inventory already online.  I spot checked some of the categories and saw some cool Harry Potter, Twilight and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Cover Banners in the movie category.  There are over 30 categories to choose from.

3. Profilephotocovers.com-find custom Facebook timeline covers within several categories including collages, places, holidays, attitude, nature and Love.  You also have the option to use their Facebook Timeline cover photo maker.

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4. Florabellacollection.com-a quality photoshop site on how to create, edit and texture your photos and works to transform your work into great pieces of cover art. Click and check out their Facebook freebies section which sends you to their Facebook page. Here is a link to their Facebook Timeline Cover Templates or photos.

@MissFlorabella: the official Twitter account of florabellacollection.com with over 1,500 followers and almost 700 tweets to date. Tweets linke to beautiful photos and imagery templates to use as a Facebook Cover Photo.

5. Fookcover.com– these are high quality Facebook Timeline Covers from unique and creative artists. The artwork is extraordinary with categories in nature, urban, cute and miscellaneous. If you want the best art for a Facebook cover this is the site to visit.

@fookcover: the official Twitter account of fookcover.com tweeting daily about the finest art covers out there. This account and featured website gets the highest marks for one of a kind Facebook Timeline covers.

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