5 Online Photo Editors With Pencil Sketch Drawing Effects For Your Facebook Timeline Covers

Displaying a Facebook Cover atop your Timeline is a great way to showcase your creativity. In fact there are many ways you can get creative making your own Facebook Cover by editing personal digital photos. There are many free online photo editors both for the computer and mobile device you can use to spice up a photo or image by adding a cool effect or effects. One of my favorite effects and a popular choice among creative photo enthusiasts is the Photo to Pencil Sketch effect.

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The concept is pretty simple. The idea is to create an authentic pencil sketch, drawing or black and white caricature rendering of a real digital photograph. In most cases you’ll have to use these mostly free editors first to convert your image to a pencil sketch then upload them to one of the many Facebook Timeline Cover editors (see link in next paragraph) to turn it into a Facebook Cover Photo.

With these 5 online photo editors below you can transform your photographs into cool pencil sketches that can be formatted to your Timeline Cover.  Once you get your photos converted to pencil sketch you can then proceed to this post on the tweeting blog entitled 13 Create or Make Your Own Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Free Editor Makers . Here you will find 13 free Facebook Cover makers which will allow you to upload and format these photos to the new Timeline Cover dimensions for free.

Here are 5 on-site photo editor plug ins that are simple to use and require just a quick upload of a personal photo or image. Once loaded they can be quickly converted into a detailed pencil sketch drawing. You’ll be amazed at how your picture will look.  Again, once you download a completed pencil sketch image to your computer or mobile device you can revisit the 13 Cover editors and learn how to convert them to a Timeline Cover.

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5 Online Photo Editors With Photo to Sketch Effects


1. Dumpr: has a simple interface that allows you to convert uploaded images to a pencil sketch. The editor is easy to use.  Just upload a digital image or photo from your computer, laptop or mobile device and let the plug in app do the rest.  Photos load fast and the conversion is done in a couple of seconds. The pencil sketch photos come out with different dimensions and pixilations adjusted to the original photo’s size. This is a photo fun editor with lots more effects than just pencil sketch. Other effects include mosaic, photos in museum, rubik’s cube and jigzaw puzzle.

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2. Lunapic: another free online photo effects editor which gives you a more shady pencil effect to your images. Like with many of these pencil sketch editors you can upload photos for easy conversion. Explore many other effects that you can add to your photos including photo booth, cartoon, colored pencil and censored box.

3. Befunky: this is a more elaborate free photo editor interface with many options and effects. What I like about Befunky is that it has an “Artsy” effects section that gives you a variety of options for pencil sketches with different degrees of definition and lines.  Click the pink “Get Started” button to open up the editor then select an option.

4. Citrify: another great free online photo editor with a great pencil sketch effect. This is a simple plug in editor. Just click on the “start editing” button in the middle of the home page, go to the top of the toolbar to open up a folder and upload a photo, image or picture, click on the “effects” option and scroll down to the “pencil sketch” effect. Be sure to save your image by clicking on the “save” button at the top of the editor toolbar.

5. Tuxpi: a great free online photo editor with a pretty simple interface. Just upload your images and convert them to a cool pencil sketch. You can add other photo effects such as brushstrokes, color scratches, fade-out, focus, and ghostify. You can also add borders and frames to your images. Getting started is easy. First, upload a photo from your computer or mobile device, go to Recolor and Tone and select “Pencil Sketch”, then click on the “Save download to my computer” option on the left. That’s it.


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