5 Royal Wedding Twitter Parody Feeds

You can’t enjoy the seriousness of the Royal Wedding without a little humor, and you can’t enjoy real Royal Wedding tweets without taking a look at some parody Royal Wedding tweets. 

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5 Royal Wedding Twitter Parody Feeds:

1. William_HRH: Prince William has his own Twitter account. Well, a parody of one that is. With over 14,000 followers this Twitter feed tweets daily musings from the Prince himself as he lives out the daily grind as a non-commoner. There are some good tweets here like references to the Queen as Gran, an inside look at a funny wedding rehearsal and even a reference to Charlie Sheen’s epic winning.

“It’s 5 o’clock, it’s Friday. One is another week close to the throne! *Puts foot through portrait of Gran”

“A bit of footage from one’s Wedding Rehearsal: http://tinyurl.com/6jduz2q”

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“Just woken in Calais with ‘Winning’ plastered across one’s forehead. WTF? #EpicStag

2. PrincessKateFTW: you can’t have a Prince parody Twitter feed without a Princess version too. PrincesskateFTW tweets what it is like to be the fiance of a Royal Prince. There are some expectedly funny tweets here with the Princess showing a more extroverted, bold and materialistic nature.

 simply cannot wait for this week to be over! Enough already! Even I’m sick of this!

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We are asking for charitable donations in lieu of gifts. Please donate to Tiffany’s in exchange for diamonds and bring them to me. Now.”

3.  @QueenLizII: You can’t have a parody of the Royal Family without the Queen. Queen Elizabeth tweets unabashedly about her grandson and new granddaughter-in law.

“By all means, Prince William, marry whichever untitled street urchin you please. There is no need to consult your grandmother, THE QUEEN.”

“We have been to the shores of Jersey, and they are nothing like what is depicted in that television programme.”

4. Queen_Uk: the more popular parody Twitter feed of the Queen of England. Has almost 200,000 followers.

The Beckhams?! Who the hell invited the Beckhams, for Christ’s sake?! Can they even speak?!

5. Bonus Video T-Mobile Royal Wedding Parody Dancing: great video and commercial.

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