5 Twitter Feeds That Are Tweeting About The Apple Mac iOS 5 Platform

Sending tweets and just the overall Twitter experience is about to get a lot easier for Mac users everywhere. Apple recently announced its iOS 5 platform that will have massive Twitter integration.  Unlike its closest rival, Microsoft, Apple chose to integrate Twitter for reasons I believe are warranted.

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Apple will use Twitter’s xAuth protocol to integrate the micro-blogging service which will allow users tweeting capabilities within the applications themselves like the Safari browser, google maps, photo sharing apps or YouTube as a few examples.  The initial optional Universal sign-in will take care of the Twitter log-in part while the user can feel free to browse all over the internet and tweet on almost anything you come across.

You want to tweet a photo, click-save, link and tweet. You want to tweet a snapshot of a google map with specific directions or locations, click-save, link and tweet. I think you get the picture.

Follow these Apple Twitter feeds to get the latest news on the iOS 5 platform:

1. @macworld: with over 96,000 followers Macworld is a top notch Twitter feed including mac, ipad, and iphone. Tweets several times a day.

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2. @MacRumors: with over 222,000 followers MacRumors almost always come true. All the latest tweets are dealing with iOS 5. Lots of new info on the iOS 5. I’m following this tweet feed the most. Huge thumbs up.

3. @9to5mac: another Twitter feed with over 30,000 followers that breaks Apple company news. Tweets include 200 new iOS 5 features. This is another excellent iOS 5 tweet feed.

4. @appleinsider: this Twitter feed has almost 50,000 followers and 5,000 tweets. A very active feed that tweets inside looks at the new iOS 5 platform and features, icloud, new apps, and iphone 5 updates and news.

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5. @iLounge: the iLounge has almost 7,000 eager followers and are waiting for any news tweet about the latest iOS 5 release.  Tweets contain lots of links to important articles and news stories.