5 Weddings Inspired By Different Religions of The World Pinterest Pinboards

This post deals with the wedding ceremonies of the “Big 5” religions of the world: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hindu, and Buddhist.  This was a rewarding post to write because I got to explore the similarities and differences between the wedding ceremonies of the various religions.

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Just like weddings from different countries, weddings from different religions show us the beautiful and unique differences of a religion, but also reveal refreshing similarities.  Come and see this collection of 5 Weddings Inspired By Different Religions of The World Pinterest Pinboards and see what I mean!



 Big 5 Weddings Inspired By Different Religions of The World

Pinterest Pinboards


1.   pinterest.com/dixiecarolina18/plans-for-a-christ-centered-wedding: this lovely Weddings Inspired By Different Religions Of The World Pinterest Pinboard has a lot to offer for those interested in a Christian wedding.  The images for each pin are sweet and touching.  Feast your eyes on this excellent pinboard!


Christian Weddings 1

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Christian Weddings 2



Christian Weddings 3



Christian Weddings 4

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  • Some People Are Opting To Wash Each Other’s Feet Instead Of Using The Unity Candle
  • Every Christian Bride Needs To Listen To These Wedding Songs!
  • 10 Christian Wedding Ideas
  • John 13:14-17 Washing Each Other’s Feet
  • Rustic Style Altar
  • Christ-Centered Wedding Scenes
  • Christian Wedding Ideas Pinterest Pin: Cross Altar And Unity Cross Ceremony
  • Incorporate Bible Verses
  • Instead Of Lighting The Unity Candle, The Couple Opted To Do A “God’s Knot”
  • Groomsmen And Groom and Bridesmaids And Bride Praying Before The Wedding
  • Bible Instead Of Pillow For The Ring Bearer
  • 21 Powerful Christian Marriage Quotes
  • Cord Of Three Strands
  • 10 Prayers Leading To The Wedding Day
  • Throwing Feathers Instead Of Rice – “Walking On Promises” Psalm 91:4


Christian Weddings 5



Christian Weddings 6



Christian Weddings 7



Christian Weddings 8


2.   pinterest.com/chellisoto/jewish-wedding-ideas: you’re going to love this excellent Weddings Inspired By Different Religions of the World Pinterest Pinboard featuring Jewish wedding ideas.  It has so much to offer people interested in a Jewish wedding.  It’s wide variety of ideas makes it a terrific pinboard to browse through.  Come look and see!


Jewish Weddings 1



Jewish Weddings 2


Jewish Weddings 3


  • Breaking Glass:  Jewish Wedding Ceremony
  • Cool Idea: Broken Wedding Glass Keepsakes
  • The Life Ketubah: Jewish Wedding Contract
  • Wedding Idea: Keep Your Broken Glass In a Mezuzah As a Special Reminder
  • Jewish Wedding Dresses
  • Mazal Tov Box To Keep Your Jewish Wedding Supplies In At The Chuppah
  • Jewish Wedding Ideas Pinterest Pin-Rings
  • Very Modern But Gorgeous Wedding Chuppah
  • Jewish Wedding Cake
  • Jewish Wedding Accessories: Jewish Wedding Glass and Satin Bag
  • Stunning Floral Decor On Chuppah
  • The Bride and Groom Sip From The Wedding Kiddusch Cup Of Wine
  • Jewish Wedding Traditions
  • “I Am My Beloved’s” Wedding Ring
  • Modern Twists On Popular Jewish Wedding Traditions
  • A Secret Shared Under The Chuppah Can Never Be Told

Jewish Weddings 5



Jewish Weddings 6


Jewish Weddings 7



Jewish Weddings 8




3.   pinterest.com/justnikki74/muslim-bridal: this Weddings Inspired By the Different Religions of the World Pinterest Pinboard offers many pins of Muslim wedding dresses and accessories.  There are great images of Muslim brides to see on this board. Come take a look!


Muslim Weddings 1


Muslim Weddings 2


Muslim Weddings 3


Muslim Weddings 4



  • Stunning Wedding Bridal Hijab
  • Modern Muslim Wedding Pinterest Pin-Muslim Wedding Dress
  • Beautiful Muslim Bride
  • Hijabi Brides
  • Muslim Wedding Dress
  • Islamic Wedding Dress
  • Newly Married Muslim Couple
  • Lovely Bridal Hijab
  • Muslim Bride In Her Hijab With Her Groom
  • Muslim Wedding Couple
  • Hijab and Details
  • Wedding Gown Hijab
  • Portrait of a Muslim Bride


Muslim Weddings 5



Muslim Weddings 6



Muslim Weddings 7



Muslim Weddings 8


4.    pinterest.com/hp921/my-indian-wedding-ideas: this is a beautiful Weddings Inspired By Different Religions of the World Pinterest Pinboard!  There are some exquisite images depicting not only Hindu wedding attire, but accessories and body art.  There are some great ideas for Hindu weddings in general.  Please stay and see what you like!


Hindu Weddings 1


Hindu Weddings 2


Hindu Weddings 3


Hindu Weddings 4

  • 27 Dupattas
  • Red and Navy Bridal Lehenga – Indian Bride
  • Bright Pink Bridal Lehenga
  • Gorgeous Kundan Jewelry
  • Indian Bride Wearing Bridal Lehenga and Jewelry
  • Breathtaking Pink and Gold Lehenga
  • 21 Mind Blowing Indian Mehndi Designs To Inspire You
  • Indian Sari, Jewelry and Mehndi
  • Leg Henna
  • Wedding Bangles
  • Mehndi For Feet


Hindu Weddings 5


Hindu Weddings 6


Hindu Weddings 7


Hindu Weddings 8


5.    pinterest.com/dharmacrafts/buddhist-weddings: this Weddings Inspired By Religions of the World Pinterest Pinboard is a fantastic board to find different ideas for a Buddhist wedding.  Come browse this pinboard for some really great suggestions!


Buddhist Weddings 1


Buddhist Weddings 2


Buddhist Weddings 3



  • White Lotus Candle in Stainless Steel Candleholder
  • Bodhi Leaf Look-a-lights
  • Lotus Offering Bowls With Lotus Candles
  • Handcrafted Meditation Cushions for Your Buddhist Wedding
  • Metta Bracelet – A Never-Ending Metta Prayer
  • Adjustable Metta Cuff With The Metta Prayer (For Men And Women)
  • Large Standing Garden Kuan Yin Statue|
  • Garden Buddha Statue With Decorative Robe
  • Traditional White Khata
  • Bodhisattva Bracelet
  • Buddhist Wedding Ideas Pinterest Pin: Offering Bowls, Meditation Cushions, Altar Cloths, More
  • Brass Offering Bowl
  • Tatami Squares
  • En-Mei Incense
  • Tingsha – Choose Between Engraved Dragon and Plain
  • Buddhist Wedding Ideas, Rituals and Values
  • Metta Garden Buddha Statue


Buddhist Weddings 4



Buddhist Weddings 5



Buddhist Weddings 6