7 Optical Illusion Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Free Download Websites

People love optical illusions as they test the boundaries of our perceptions and even preconceived notions of physics. In fact optical illusions incorporate the arts, psychology and even architecture in their grand design.

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The Greeks were one of the first cultures to experiment with optical illusions as they constructed structures that would give the impression or the illusion of symmetry.  Today optical illusions surround us with the same functionality and purpose.

In modern society a cartoonist named W.E. Hill published one of the first optical illusion illustrations.  Viewing this picture your eyes quickly draw out the shape of the figure that is perceptible to you. Is it a young women or old lady?

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Another artist would begin to seriously push the envelope of illusion art. M.C. Escher became a master at this art form creating stunning works of physical and visual contradictions.

In the 1950’s another artist named Victor Vasarely began perfecting a style of art where the technique of creating the illusion of movement was achieved by using geometric devices and bent lines. Vasarely’s 1957 Acrylic on Canvas best represents this visually perplexing style as your reaction to the work creates an in and out sense of movement.  This more sensual manner of experiencing art began a new movement called “Op Art”.

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Today digital computer art and the Internet continue with the tradition of “Op Art” style.  Op Art artists from around the world create visually stunning geometrical art renderings in digital formats.

Another Internet-based visual medium that is recently gaining in popularity is the new Facebook Timeline Cover. With the popularity of social networks what better place to display an eye-catching, mind twisting optical illusion than on Facebook. The large dimensions of this digital canvas lend itself nicely to dynamic optical illusion Covers.

I searched dozens of Facebook Cover websites to find great examples of illusion Covers. All Covers are free to download and upload to your Timeline. Quantities are subject to change as new Cover images are added daily.

Here are 7 Optical Illusion Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Download Websites


1. addcover: there are 6 great examples of digital Op Art Facebook Cover Photos to select from.  Friends and family will surely get a sense of motion while gazing hypnotically at these examples. Some optical illusion Cover titles include Eye Through Finger, Circles, Waving Green, Spinning and Colorful Waves. Click on the green “add this as my Facebook Cover” button to upload your chosen image straight to your Timeline photos.


2. Coverjunction: you will find 3 quality examples of optical illusion Facebook Cover Photos here.  The Black and White Dots is a classic optical illusion as well as the undulating waves and flower splash images. Just stare at these for a while and see what I mean. For your convenience just right click to download the image to your computer.  

3. firstcovers: a small selection of 2 optical illusion Covers, but some good ones. The moving green and brown seed Cover is amazing. Get an instant illusion of motion by staring intensely at the image. Use the special app that allows you to log into your Facebook account and upload the image straight to your Timeline photos.  

4. addacover: has a classic Jesus optical illusion Cover Photo. Just right click and “save image as” or use the special app to upload it to your Facebook account.

5. freeFBcoverz: this website has a duel flower spiral moving optical illusion. This one will really mesmerize your Facebook friends and family. Just click the download button to save this image to your computer.

6. facebookcovers: this optical illusion also give the impression of a moving image. Take a look.


7. myfbcover: download 2 circle illusion digital art Facebook Covers from this website under the “illusion” search results. The image titled “Four Perfectly Round Circles”  is one of my favorites. I challenge you to try to sort out in your mind the 4 complete circles.


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