8 Cool Twitter Tweeting Games That Are Fun To Play

Felt like deviating a little from serious trending news events and tweeting celebrity dramas for today. I skimmed the internet to find some fun Twitter related games that involve tweeting in one form or another. I gathered a nice list of these games that you can play instantly from your computer or download to your iphone.  I’ve been messing around with some of these tonight, and they are a hoot.

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1. Twetris: a very cool game in the mold of the original popular tetris game. Just move down the latest incoming tweets that have taken a block format into position to fill out the game board.  Click on the link and get started right away.

2.Twrivia: I love Trival Pursuit so I figure give this game a try. This twitter profile has a list of followers over 17,000. Every 15 minutes a question is presented. Questions links lead straight to the twrivia.com for the answers.

3. Tweettest: uses information collected from your own twitter database to form questions about a follower or tweet. Just enter your twitter username and begin right away. How well do you know your tweets?

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4. Twitcross: iphone crossword puzzle game that matches words with tweet words and clues for those words within you and your follower’s tweets.

5.Twittagman:  One of my favorites since I love hashtags. The Twitter Tagman selects a hashtag in which you try to guess what it is by entering letters in the letter boxes.  Very much like the traditional hangman game.

6.Supertwario: jump on scrolling tweets like the original super mario games and do several actions like retweet and message.

7. Poptweets: the celebrity twitter tweet game (you knew there would be one of these).  Match the tweets to the right celebrity before the time runs out.

8. Rock Paper Scissors Game: Ok so this is not really a total Twitter game but it is really cool so had to put it in here at the end. Basically, you go against the computer. Pick veteran or novice settings and RPSs away.