8 Twitter Sites That Tweet Free Stuff

Free is a powerful word. We all would love to get things for free without too much stress. It’s not always that easy though on the internet. Most free offers require you to sign up for promotional items, email newsletter offers or just a general registration. A collection of free tweets on a page could make the process a little easier.  There are plenty of sites tweeting offers daily through twitter.

You can make it worth your while, if you have the time, to incur savings by responding to these tweets and filling out these offers. In return you will receive free products, samples, coupons and discounts.  Yes, it takes time but to some filling out all the information could be well worth it.

Just a note. While researching and finding these free tweet offer sites I came across some prominent big name accounts that have been banned. We are talking some of the big boys of the free stuff world whose Twitter accounts have been suspended. I’m guessing this was due to spamming and scamming. And I’m also guessing that the following 8 accounts have passed Twitter’s strict spamming policies and were labled as legit and honest accounts.

8 Twitter sites that tweet free stuff


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FSTimes:  Followers 80,376.  Tweets one or two offers every hour. This is a big account on Twitter.

Coupons: Followers 118,623  Printable coupons offers. A couple tweeted every day.

Heyitsfree: Followers 55,114.  A nice variery of free offer tweets every hour or so.

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Freestuffrocks: Followers 9,695 Most tweets linked to the fatwallet free stuff forums. A little different samplings of free stuff.

Freenology: Followers 35,441 Tweets real offers without spam or scams they claim. 4 or 5 tweets offers every hour or so.

Freakyfreddies: Followers 545. One of the olders freebie sites on the internet. Sign up for newsletter offers.

Offers: Followers 2,483.  Tweets posted every couple of hours. Deals come from a variety of categories.

Freecouponcodes: Followers 543. Tweets coupon codes for some big ticket items like 40 percent off electronics or appliances.