A Collection of BBQ and Barbecue Facebook Cover Timeline Photos

Let’s face it. Many men consider barbecues the ultimate man-event. It is in our genetic makeup which can be traced back to thousands of years to when man hunted, killed and cooked animal meat on an open flame and then tearing the meat right off the bone.

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Now back or jump ahead to modern times and you still see how people love barbecues. Barbecues are a great way to quickly gather family and friends over to your home. Pretty much everyone loves the smell of meat grilling on an open flame.

You can even advertise your BBQ Barbecue party on Facebook by quickly swapping out your Facebook Covers with a cool BBQ Cover. While there are not too many images out there I did manage to bring together a couple of pages and posted direct links to these images.

All Barbecue Timeline Cover images are free to download to your computer or upload straight to your Timeline photos.

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Below are five websites where you can download and upload a barbecue Cover to your Timeline. Some of the featured images include the classic shish kabob, t-bones and mouth watering rib eyes.


A Collection of Barbecue Facebook Cover Timeline Photos

1. 99covers: has a great tantalizing shish kabob Facebook Cover near an open flame. Delicious.

2. firstcovers: an animated Chefs hat with red BBQ letters.

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3, coverfortimeline: a nice animated Cover with the traditional charcoal barbecue outdoor pit, chefs hat and spatula iconic image.

4. wallpapersus: a beautiful, mouth watering BBQ Facebook Cover of some one inch thick T-bone steaks and shish kabobs on the grill.



5. wallpapersshop: flipping over a red rib eye on an open flame is just the perfect barbecue image.


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