A Collection of Butterflies and Butterfly Facebook Cover Timeline Photos

Butterflies are one of most wondrous and colorful creatures that exists in nature. The color schemes and variety of patterns that you find on these divine insects are practically endless.

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People collect butterfly related things, love to paint them, enjoy decorating their house with butterfly themes, look forward to seeing and reading about them in books, derive immense satisfaction in identifying them and enjoy the hobby of butterflying (observing and studying butterflies).

If you’re on Facebook then here is a wonderful collection of Butterflies and Butterfly Facebook Cover Timeline Photos that you can download for free straight to your computer or upload to your Timeline using each website’s special apps.

Below you’ll find all your popular types of butterflies including whites, sulphurs, monarchs, skippers, viceroys and the elegant swallowtails.

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A Collection of Butterflies and Butterfly Facebook Timeline Photo Covers


1. covermyfb: has over 100 butterflies and butterfly Facebook Covers and related images that you can download for free to your computer and upload straight to your Timeline Photos. There are many Covers listed here; here is a short list of some featured titles and styles: Soft Blue Butterflies, Life Is Wonderful, Glory, Fragile, You Give Me Butterflies Quote Facebook Cover, Music Piano, Hearts and Butterflies, Silhouette, Shadow Butterfly and Lilac, Red, Flowers, Purple Butterflies, Beautiful Garden, Daisies, With Dragonfly, Sunset, Poppies and Shadows, Yellow, Silk and Velvet, Pink, Tulips, Abstract, Black and White, Neon, Camo, Orange and Colorful Butterflies Facebook Covers. Many of these Covers are just beautiful and of high quality.


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2. myfbcovers: this premiere Cover website has pages of butterfly images that you can upload immediately to your Timeline Photos. Some featured titles include Purple Butterfly Resting on Finger, Bookmark, Black White and Red, Animated, Monarch Butterfly Covers, Bright Blue Orange Flower, Funny Alligator, Green, Garden, Fruit and Butterflies Yellow Flower.



3. firstcovers: there are hundreds of butterfly Covers and related user submitted and professional images that you can save to your computer with a simple right click and save. There are too many Covers too list but here is a small sampling of some: Lotus Butterfly, Fly Away, Purple Butterfly Cover, Cancer Ribbon Shape, Pink, Collage Butterfly Facebook Covers, Free As, Quotes, Electric, Caterpillar, Black and White, Stencil, Abstract, Colorful, Float Like A butterfly Quote Cover, Diamond, and Butterfly Mist Covers.




4. freecodesource: this site has its own butterfly category with around 140 incredible images of anything and everything related to butterfly and butterflies Timeline Covers. Look at some of these highlights: Born2B Free, Silhouette, Teal and Black, Girl With, Blue Light, Gold Elegance, Iris Blues, Pink, Sun Flower, Lillie’s, Caterpillar, Trippy, Flowers and Butterflies Facebook Covers, Red, Daisy Dreams, In Flight, Cute Fairy, Tulips, Rainbow and Polka Dotted Covers.



5. freeprofilecover: I like this website as it features more individual close up images of Butterflies. Many different colors and varieties; some resting on leaves while others on flowers. You will find the Monarch butterfly Facebook Cover Photo in this collection. There are over 70 beautiful and colorful butterfly images free to download to your computer.

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