A Collection of Halloween Trick or Treat Facebook Cover Timeline Photos

It’s that time of year again when many of us head out to the local supermarket to buy assorted candy bags, pour them into bowls and hand them out to kids in costumes on Halloween night. Kids today almost nonchalantly mumble the trick or treat expression knowing very well that there will be no trick but instead a bag full of candy at the night’s end.

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With Halloween fast approaching those of us that have Facebook accounts will probably be searching on the Internet for various trick or treat Timeline Covers. For your convenience I placed a collection of some high quality trick or treat images with their links in this post that you can download to your computer for free. You can also use their website’s special app to upload them straight to your Timeline photos for your convenience.

Collection of Trick or Treat Facebook Covers


1. Orange Trick or Treat Facebook Cover: has several iconic Halloween images like bats, black birds and a haunted house. Just right click and save the image to your computer.

2. Cute Black Cat Pumpkin Ribbon Cover: this is a cute greenish and purplish image with a delightful trick or treat message that would make a great Facebook Cover.

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3. Trick or Treat animated: bats and ghosts with a crescent orange moon in the background.

4. Pac Man Trick or Treat: the pac man ghosts come knocking on the door to get a nice treat.

5. Funny Animated Adult Costumes: some strange looking adults in costumes like Dracula, Frankenstein, and a paper bag mask.

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6. Scarecrow Alien: Trick r Treat horror movie classic, it’s a pretty creepy image.

7. A Nice Collage: has candy corn and real photograph of person holding a carved pumpkin.

8. Trick or Tweet Cupcakes: some colorful cupcakes with pumpkins and spiders.

9. Black cat and candy bag: a nice black cat and glowing candy bag Cover.

10. Happy Orange Pumpkins Wallpaper Cover: lots of orange pumpkins with trick or treat text and a purple background.


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