A Collection of Ocean and Sea Facebook Cover Photos For Your Timeline

Why do we love the ocean? Why do we love paintings, pictures and photographs of the ocean? People love the ocean for many reasons. They are beautiful and awe inspiring to look at. Many times oceans and seas can look peaceful and tranquil. Other times they can look violent and fearsome.

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We love the oceans because of their mystery. Most of the ocean’s depths are unknown with many uncharted areas and organisms still waiting to be discovered.

Oceans are one of the last remaining untapped resources. Freshwater is in short supply and with so much saltwater making up the Earth’s oceans and seas there future desalination of this water could be imperative for our survival.

We love the ocean for its recreational value. We love boating, sailing, swimming and fishing. Family outings to the beach can be some of the most exciting and memorable times of our lives.

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But most of all a deep dark blue ocean relaxes and calms us. The soothing and relentless sound of waves crashing against the shore is a natural sound that instinctively lowers the heart rate. When we look at pictures, photographs and other images of oceans and seas we quickly imagine hearing these relaxing sounds.

Whatever your reason is for loving an ocean or sea there is bound to be an image out there that is right for you for your Facebook Timeline Cover. The large Cover dimensions accommodate an Ocean or sea scene quite well and can have the same calming effect as a picture or photograph.

While searching for these ocean Timeline Covers I realized that there are also many beach, sand, docks, piers, islands, cliffs, lighthouses and other shore related ocean and sea photos. I wanted to stick mainly with open deep blue ocean, sea water and wave images so I went through these website’s Covers one by one filtering out mostly open ocean water images. It was time consuming but fun.

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Below you’ll find titles and links to individual ocean and sea Facebook Covers that you can download and upload to your Timeline. All these Covers are free and most can be saved with a right click option or use their in-house app to upload your selected image straight to your Timeline photos. Most of these 30 or more images are open water scenes. Enjoy.  


pagecovers: oceans images of all types from this premium Cover website.

covermyfb: check out more ocean Facebook Cover titles from this high quality website:




addcovers: looking for more even more oceans and seas?


 profilerehab: countries and places around the world greatest ocean and sea Facebook Cover scenes



myfbcovers: not satisfied? Here are several more from this top notch site.


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