A Collection of Thomas Kinkade Facebook Cover Photos For Your Timeline

It’s hard to mistake a Thomas Kinkade’s painting. His trademark cottages and lamp posts along with his famous attention to lighting in his paintings have been enjoyed and embraced by many casual art lovers worldwide. While some serious art critics have dismissed his work for its commercial appeal others feel the romantic realism in his work is enduring.

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There is also something very modern-like in a Kinkade work,  an almost digital quality when you observe the canvas that seems perfect for computer and mobile device wallpapers. Bright colors, fabulous lighting and attention to detailed nature are prevalent throughout his works.  Kinkade is known as the Painter of Light and painted small cottages, villages, churches, bridges, roads, and lighthouses to name a few of his most prolific subjects.

There are elements of Christianity and family warmth that radiate from almost every Kinkade painting; an accepting and inviting quality that is appreciated by many who gaze upon the canvas. This may explain why a Thomas Kinkade painting transfers so well to commercialism as you see many of his paintings on calendars, posters and mugs.

If your a big Thomas Kinkade fan you might be looking for any number of his famous cottages, bridges  lighthouses and villages for a Facebook Timeline Cover. Here are several Covers that you can download for free to your computer or use the special app to upload your selected Cover to straight to your Timeline photos.

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 A Collection of Thomas Kinkade Facebook Covers


firstcovers: a beautiful bridge over a brook scene with a small cottage village in the background.

bhmpics: an up close cottage image. The roof on this cottage  is so quaint. Click on the “make this my Facebook Cover” button to have this image uploaded straight to your Facebook Timeline photos.

covermyfb: a welcome home painting of a white cottage home.

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freewalls: a nice cottage house with green doors, snow covered landscape and cold, icy pond.


foundwalls: an incredible seaside lighthouse looking cottage. There is a sail boat in the distance and behind a stunning lit sky. Kinkade’s trademark lighting can be seen in the water left frame.

foundwalls: called the still water bridge, one of his most famous works.

coverjunction: a log cabin with mountain scene in the background and a rushing water creek to the right frame.

Interested in more Thomas Kinkade? Visit the official Thomas Kinkade website where you can buy some of these classic paintings framed starting for under $200 plus you can buy these images on Calendars. posters, mugs, and nightlights.

Check out Thomas Kinkade’s A Christmas Story tribute. Zoom in on the painting to see all your favorite scenes in the movie all captured on one canvas.

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