A Huge Collection of Happy Boss’s Day Facebook Cover Timeline Photo Free Downloads

Boss’s Day is coming up on October 16 and you know that that means? You got it, it’s time to thank the person, persons or people who help you put food on the table with a Happy Boss’s Day Facebook Cover Timeline Photo.

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There are many wonderful and deserving bosses in the United States and around the world that might be connected with their employees on Facebook. If you have a boss like this then they surely would appreciate seeing a Happy Boss’s Day Facebook Cover atop your Timeline when they stroll on by your cubicle, I mean Facebook page.

I assembled below a distinct collection of Happy Boss’s Day Facebook Cover Timeline Photos with a nice variety of serious and funny images.

On the more serious side of this special day are Facebook Cover images of iconic things associated with bosses like the classic executive desk, name plate and fountain pen, a Happy Boss’s Day post it note Cover, several general Happy Boss’s Day Timeline Photos, a classic Charlie Brown Snoopy, an image of the standard large coffee mug that bosses so much prefer and a text word Bosses Cover with many important related words like confident, encouraging, mentor and grateful. 

On the more humorous side of things are several funny Boss’s Day Facebook Cover Office Space photos some involving the cult movie’s iconic boss Bill Lumbergh and his frustrated and overworked employee Peter Gibbons.

Here are some famous Office Space boss related quotes that have made it onto these Facebook Covers: “Um, Yeah…I’m gonna need you to come in on Saturday”,  “Did you get the memo?”, and “I have eight different bosses right now“.

While hopefully there are not many of you disenchanted with your bosses, but if there are you might be looking for a bad or even horrible boss Facebook Cover. One featured Cover Photo below shows an image of the visibly tormented intern Guy standing behind his lovable boss Buddy Akerman in the coming of age employee movie Swimming with Sharks.

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Perhaps you didn’t like that motivational speech you suffered through the other day at work as it was coldly delivered, lecture style, by people in upper management. You might like this image then from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross showing the visiting boss, Blake, from corporate office writing his three principles down on an old fashion chalkboard: “always be closing!

There are plenty of boss related Facebook Cover Photos to choose from so enjoy, and have a Happy Boss’s Day today.

Click on the Happy Boss’s Day or Bosses Day Facebook Cover Photo (as some spell it) image to see a larger preview to scale. Right click on the image and select “save as” to download it to your computer or laptop. If you are using a smartphone or mobile device just tap screen and select “save image” to your camera roll.


A Huge Collection of Happy Boss’s Day Facebook Cover Timeline Photos





















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