A Huge Collection of South Park Facebook Cover Timeline Photos

You can’t discuss types of Facebook Covers without mentioning South Park. This iconic animated TV series has become a mainstay on Comedy Central for 16 seasons and counting. With confirmation of another extension of episodes lasting all the way through 2016 South Park is here to stay. By 2016 the long running animated series will be in its 20th season.

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With the showcasing funny, dark and crude material there is an abundance of Cover images depicting the four central characters Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick in various funny poses and scenes. This gives you plenty of South Park Covers you can use immediately on your Timeline.

I searched the Internet and found a huge collection of South Park Facebook Covers that you can download to your computer for free or use these website’s special apps to upload the images straight to your Timeline photos.


Collection of South Park Facebook Cover Timeline Photos


fbcoverstreet: this premiere Facebook Cover website has around 10 classic South Park Facebook Timeline Covers including a colorful image with Timmy in the center with Stan and Kyle on the left and Cartman and Kenny on the right, a funny Cartman mooning image, snow covered trees in the background at the school stop, a funny “first supper”, Terence and Philip, heroes, skull cove and one of the classic iconic Facebook Cover images with the four main characters and the South Park sign.


covermyfb: another 10 or so South Park images including some unique examples like a funny anime cover, Timmy and angel, Pandemic, Cool Shades, and the stick of truth Facebook Cover. 

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coverslike: classic South Park Cover.

trendycovers: has 2 Cover images including one with a purple background.

123FBcovers: here you’ll find 2 high quality Covers.

firstcovers: another traditional South Park Cover.

Cartman Cover: Cartman forefront and center.

freetimelinecovers: another image of the main characters with a black background.


TopTimelineCovers: a hilarious “Stop Killing Kenny” Cover.
Funny Cartman Cover: You’re back again.


iduh: a bizarre Cover with Cartman and Kyle. 


99covers: the whole cast of characters all in one Cover. Nice.



Real South Park Characters: a pretty freaky colored pencil sketch of real people playing the famous characters in South Park.


addcovers: the main characters wearing tuxes.


gotfbcovers: another image with the main cast of characters: Stan, Kyle, Cartman Facebook Cover and Kenny.
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