A Large Collection of Colorful and Beautiful Rose Facebook Cover Downloads for Timeline

Roses are the quintessential flower. No other flower ultimately expresses a feeling and emotion better than a rose. Roses are beautiful to the eye, smooth to the touch, and sweet to the smell. Different color roses symbolize different emotions.

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Red roses convey love and compassion. Yellow roses can be given to a friend to show how much you care. Pink roses give out a special overall happiness and appreciation vibe. White roses express secretive feelings, pureness and innocence. White roses can also signify happy love with arrangements used at bridal showers and weddings.  A lavender color rose can emphasize a deep enchantment. A combination of red and white together imparts unity.

There are also different groups of roses with each rose group having its own sub-class and types.  Some include the universally popular Hybrid Tea Rose, Gallic, China, Musk, Damask, and Polyantha to name a few. If you would like to read more about the groups and types of roses please read this article from hedgerrose.com entitled “Types of Roses“.

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Now to move on to what you probably were looking for which is Rose Facebook Cover Photos for your Timeline. I searched several websites that specialize in Timeline Covers to try to find you the best rose related images out there. All of these Covers are free to download and upload straight to your Timeline almost instantly be either using the special apps or saving the picture to your computer and uploading the image yourself when you select add/change cover on your Timeline.

Images include single roses, types, arrangements, combinations, home, garden, weddings, love, marriage, romantic, relationships, decorations, backgrounds, wallpapers, quotes. patterns and many more.


A Beautiful Collection of Rose Facebook Cover Downloads


covermyfb: there is around 250 mostly Rose related Covers with an incredible and wide range of selections. Many of your favorite roses are well represented.  These images include some colorful digital renditions, up close photographs and various other pictures. Here are some featured titles: Beautiful Red Rose, Pink, Vintage Pink, Rose Arch, Green, Reflection, Red and White Cover, Pink Hearts, Soft, Purple Dream, Rain, My Love is Sweet, Lavender, Satin, Black Roses, Girls, I Love You, Glitter, Violin, Piano, Gates, Gardens, Rose Patterns and Wallpapers, Happy Valentines, and Purple Roses and Butterflies.

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get-covers: has around 30 mostly up close solo shots of some of your favorite roses including Red, White, Yellow, Rainbow, Pink Rose Cover, Peach, Baby Blue, Bright Blue, Rose Musical Notes, and Lavender. Images are close to their real Facebook Cover size. After you click on the image you can get a decent preview of what it will look like on top of your Timeline.  Save the image to your computer by right clicking on it or click on the “Click Once To Upload Cover To Facebook” button and have the special app upload the Cover for you.


myFBCovers: there around 60 rose related images listed here. Many are rose flower images with some scattered images of things like rose lips, hair and backgrounds. Some featured high quality examples of several Single Red Roses, Rose Quotes, Crystal, Belly Button, Honey Bee on White Rose, Beautiful Rose Petals, Water, Lips, Pink and Hair.


coverjunction: you’ll find over 60 user submitted Rose Covers and related digital images including Red Roses, Snow, Black and White, Taste, Rainbow, Black Rose, Hello My Friend, Fairy, Pink Rose, Many Colors, Dead and Sweet. Like a Cover on Coverjunction? Share your image on Facebook and Twitter. Images can be saved with a simple right click.


addcovers: there is a small selection of Rose covers but I like the layout of these images because of the up close single rose and petal shots, some perfectly aligned with your profile picture so the Rose image is not covered. Click on the green “Add Cover To Facebook” button to allow the app to upload the image straight to your Timeline Facebook photos.  A nice variety of rose type image photos represented including red, pink and blue.



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