A Large Collection of Skateboarding Tricks and Skateboard Facebook Cover Photos For Timeline

Skateboarders make up a distinct and unique culture of people. There are many reasons why a skateboarder takes to his or her board. For some it is the freedom of expression that attracts them as the skateboarder maneuvers freely in open and tight spaces.

For others it is the enjoyment of extreme thrills.  Many and most skateboarders like to emulate the dangerous skateboarding tricks seen and performed by some of the all time greats.

Others enjoy the camaraderie of the sport. But while skateboarding exists somewhat on the fringe of leisure and competitive sports it has some mainstream attraction.

When it comes to photography, pictures, images and photos skateboarding can produce some aesthetically pleasing results.

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Photos through the years have also documented how the skateboarder image has changed.  Skateboarder historians point to the origins of the punk and grunge scene in the early 1990’s as adding an intense emotional element into the mix. An infused harder edge and attitude to skateboarding ensued as new waves of skateboarders started to exhibit this intense emotion in their wardrobe and board technique.

Some will argue that the stereotypical angst teenager, rebel, outsider, loner or goth exhibitionist still make up a large part of the skateboarding population today. While this observation has some merit you will find people from all walks of like who like to skateboard.

The sport today continues to grow in popularity. Skateboarding is being heavily petitioned to be included in the 2016 Summer Olympics. We will have to wait and see how this develops.

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Below are hundreds of skateboarding, skateboarder and skateboard trick Facebook Cover Photos that you can download and upload straight to your Facebook Timeline.

There are Cover downloads to some of the greatest skateboarders and tricks of all time. Other skateboard images include brand logos, various tricks, edgy quotes, and other skateboard related images.

Photographs of skateboarding and skateboarders in action make some of the best action shot photographs of any sport and of course make great Facebook Cover Photos for your Timeline.


5 Skateboard Facebook Cover Free Download Websites


1. fbcoverstreet: the best skateboarding Cover site I’ve come across this is the urban lifestyle Facebook Cover website which has 164 iconic Skateboarding images including professional skateboarders and company logos with the likes of Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory, Frontside Nosegrind, Tyler Bledsoe, Volcom Abstract Logo, Windsor James, Zoo York Graffiti, Unbreakable, Vans off the Wall, Erik Koston Frontside Noseslide, Etnies Original Logo, Fallen Logo, LRG Tree logo, Paul Rodriguez, Rodriguez Switch Frontside Bluntside,  Ryan Sheckler, and Skateboarding Quotes.  Free to download to your computer. Just right click and save the image.


2. 99covers: has 40 beautiful skateboarding and skateboarders in action photographs that you can freely download and upload to your Timeline.  Skateboarders include Chris Haslam, Alex Olsen, Greg Lutzka, Andrew Reynolds, and Bastien Salabanzi. Just click on the image and select the “save image as” option to download to your computer.



3. profilerehab: has some cool skateboarding Covers with action shots, silhouettes, and artistic skateboarding images including a cool Sunset, X Games, Photo Effect Brown, Grey and Black, Photo Collage, Ramp and Wasteland.  Like an image? Just right click and save it to your computer.

4. firstcovers: a nice collection of skateboarding images including Vintage, Brands, Skater Girl, Neon Skateboard, skateboards, Sweat Wheels, Life, Girls, and a Black and White Skate or Die. There are 2 links.  Here is the second one under skateboard with even more Covers.

5. pagecovers: a small collection of skateboard and skateboarding Facebook Covers including Real Series Boards Cover, My Talent is My Poison, Zoo York, Drama, and Kid on Skateboard. Use the special app to upload the image straight to your Timeline photos.

All-Time Great Skateboarders Facebook Covers


Tony Hawk Facebook Timeline Covers

  • fbcoverstreet: 3 Hawk Covers including the infamous 900 trick Cover, Grab and profile.
  • fbcoverlover: 2 action Covers
  • bhmpics: Tony Hawk Simpson’s satire Cover, click on the blue “make it your Facebook Cover” button

Rodney Mullen

Bam Margera

Ryan Sheckler

Paul Rodriguez


Chris Cole


Danny Way


Rob Dyrek



Chris Haslem


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Are you looking for a list of the top skateboarding tricks?  Check out  skateboardingtrickslist  with a comprehensive list of hundreds of skateboarding tricks including 125 Flatland and Flip, 28 Slides, 32 Grinds, 36 Aerials and Grabs, 34 Lip, 16  Inverts and Handplants, and 39 freestyle and oldschool tricks. The website has descriptions and YouTube videos.