A Lovely Collection of Cross Stitching Ideas Pinterest Pinboards

What a fantastic undertaking cross stitching is!  Such creations are born from hard-working hands.  I have gathered here a lovely collection of Cross Stitching Ideas Pinterest Pinboards for your perusal.  The pictures within these pinboards are fine examples of cross stitching patterns you can choose from and master yourself.  Please take a look at what these pinboards have to offer.


A Lovely Collection of Cross Stitching Ideas Pinterest Pinboards


1.  pinterest.com/cm_tripp/cross-stitch-ideas/: this first Cross Stitching Ideas Pinterest Pinboards has terrific pictures and patterns for you to browse through.  You’ll love the many offerings placed here for your viewing.  Look and see what you like.

 pregnant woman cross stitch pattern

  • Pregnant Woman Profile Cross Stitch Pattern
  • Cross Stitch Family Portrait
  • Family Tree
  • Original Bunny Rabbit
  • Free Christmas
  • Vintage Santa
  • Thomas Kinkade Stonehearth Hutch
  • Christmas Tree
  • Nutcracker
  • Decorations For Fall
  • Religious Cross
  • Red And White Fairy Toadstools
  • Country Lass C


2. pinterest.com/vremtulla/cross-stitch-ideas/: this is a superb Cross Stitch Ideas Pinterest Pinboard.  There are some wonderful ideas for you to decide on.  There are a variety of pictures depicting figures, animals, people, etc. in a variety of formats such as pillows, bookmarks, and the traditional wall hanging format.  Check out the following pins.

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 cross stitch fox

  • Cross Stitch Fox
  • Hand Made Cross Stitched Stocking
  • Cupcakes Cross Stitch Cart
  • Cross Stitch Heart Pattern
  • Winter Landscape
  • Beautiful Music
  • Peanuts Christmas Tree Skirt
  • Snowflake Cross Stitch Freebie
  • Tetris Cross Stitch Bookmark
  • Cross Stitch Ideas For Baby
  • Yuletide Cross Stitch Ornament
  • Irises By Van Gogh Cross Stitch Kit
  • Welcome Home
  • Water Lilies Free Pattern
  • Mother Moon


3. pinterest.com/amotae/cross-stitch-ideas/: this Cross Stitch Ideas Pinterest Pinboard is unique and elegant, with quite a few expressive examples of cross stitch work.  There are many ideas presented here that you can choose from.  You should find an excellent piece to recreate.

 yellow eggs cross stitch

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  • Yellow Eggs – Cross Stitch
  • Christmas Cross Stitch Hang-Up Décor
  • Sampler Cross Stitch Pillow Pinterest Pin
  • DIY: String Organizers
  • Darling French Needlecases
  • Hometown Holiday Cube Tutorial – No Need To Saw Or Glue
  • Cross Stitch Tote
  • Hand Made Pincushion
  • Winter
  • Grumpy Cat Cross Stitch Pattern
  • Cross Stitch Project: Pretty Finishes On A Pillow


4. pinterest.com/mrsblocko/cross-stitch-ideas/: this Cross Stitch Ideas Pinterest Pinboard provides many ideas for creating a cross stitch piece.  They are fun and vibrant.  If you are looking for something different, this is the pinboard for you.

 santas cross stitch

  • Patriotic Cross Stitch
  • American Flag Alphabet
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Athena, Goddess Of Wisdom – Elegant Jewels Of The Needle
  • Nautical Beach
  • Feelin’ Festive
  • Santa Cross Stitch Ornament
  • Cute Snowman Bookmark
  • Halloween
  • Star Wars


5. pinterest.com/beckisue54/cross-stitch-patterns/: this Cross Stitch Ideas Pinterest Pinboard is full of unusual ideas.  The pictures in this pinboard are challenging and extravagant.    There are many examples to ponder and select from, and a great deal of them are free.  Enjoy!

 fairy on a swing cross stitch


  • Green Fairy Free Cross Stitch Pattern
  • Kitty Free Cross Stitch Patterns Pinterest Stlye
  • Snow Scene Around Church
  • Cute Little Christmas Tree
  • Cross Stitch – Best Rug Ever!
  • Circle Design Free Cross Stitch
  • Free Chart – Choose Your Own Colors
  • The Victoria Sampler – Free Patterns
  • Scandinavian Red And White
  • Birdhouses
  • Floral