Andy Griffith Dies With A Reaction Tweet on Twitter From Ron Howard Who Played Opie

Andy Griffith died earlier today in his home at the age of 86. No cause of death has been publicly announced yet.  Andy Griffith played Sheriff Taylor on the Andy Griffith Show and later a criminal defense attorney in the TV series Matlock.  It is no surprise that characters and actors from the show are trending on Twitter and Facebook. People are tweeting about their favorite episodes, special memories from the shows and how Andy Griffith and the characters he played inspired people from all walks of life.

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 Twitter and Facebook Accounts and Pages Related to the Passing of Andy Griffith


@RealRonHoward: the official verified Twitter account of Ron Howard who played Opie Taylor on the Andy Griffith show with over 320,000 followers and 2,000 tweets to date. Today was a sad day, but a rejoiceful one as well as Howard pays tribue to Andy with several tweets. Ron Howard tweets about how Andy Griffith’s craft served generations of people and helped shape Ron’s life. Here is Ron Howard’s tweet regarding the passing of Andy Griffith: the official Facebook page of Andy Griffith with over 94,000 likes. Gives you some wikipedia information about the man who played the famous sheriff on TV. the official Andy Griffith show Facebook page with over 168,000 likes. People are leaving comments today on the site regarding the passing of Andy Griffith.  Some comments include “he was a father figure to all of us”, and “a great part of American…you will be missed”.  Check out this Facebook page as people are commenting and discussing  their favorite episodes and scenes.

Sponsored Links this Facebook page has some behind the scene rare photos from the classic 60’s sitcom The Andy Griffith Show.  Scroll through this page and see some classic rare images of Andy Griffith behind the set of the show and some of your favorite scenes from the show.  the Facebook page of the Return to Mayberry reunion episode which premiered on April 13, 1986.  Ron Howard Facebook page with over 16,000 likes. Wikipedia has some information on Ron Howard’s career and life.


Andy Griffith and the Andy Griffith Show Passing Hashtags on Twitter


Hashtags from the show are really trending today on Twitter: