Basic Twitter Tutorials Directory, Tweeting 101

Thought I’d revisit the web to find links/sites to find sites that have some basic tutorials about Twitter. Sort of a Twitter 101 or Twitter for dumbies directory. These sites vary in the amount and type of information given so you might want to check them all out.

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Twitter basics straight from Twitter -Twitter: the help center in Twitter has all you need to get going on Twitter and start your tweeting.

The Twitter Guide Book– mashable: this resource has it all from basic Twitter (things like what is Twitter and what is a retweet? ),  how to build your Twitter community, Twitter for businesses, sharing and managing your Twitter accounts and tweeting.

Twitter 101: Tips and Tricks-(switched): basic slide show presentation format. Builds basics from the ground floor up.

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Twitter Basics– You Tube: awesome 8 minute video on tweeting basics

How To Use Twitter-You Tube: another great 5 minute video

A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter Basics– Blogworld: nice blog post about basic Twitter and tweeting with user comments

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Free Twitter Manuel-Affiliate Marketer: free download manual, just have to sign up for the newsletter. You can always unsubscribe later.

Some Twitter Basics For Teachers– English Raven: tailored for teachers and professional development using Twitter. A good resource for teacher’s tweeting.

Parents and Twitter– Safetyclick: small article describing Twitter basics and safety concerns surrounding its use.  For parents with tweeting teens.

Twittonary: dictionary for Twitter terms and meanings, valuable jargon information