Best Christmas Lights Pinterest Pinboards

It’s that time of year again. Time to pull out the Christmas lights and decorate the house and yard with Christmas spirit and holiday joy. However, it’s not always a festive time for everyone. In fact sometimes putting up Christmas light displays can be a stressful and frustrating activity.

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Coming up with new ways to arrange Christmas lights, choosing the right color combinations, knowing the best techniques for hanging lights and integrating all of these strategies into a unique overall theme and design can be a challenging experience. And with all the eyeing neighbors and random drive by sightseers checking out Christmas lights you want to showcase your very best stuff. Don’t get caught off guard this holiday season, let Pinterest help and inspire.

There is simply no better resource out there than Pinterest when it comes to getting ideas and tips for ways to display holiday Christmas lights around the exterior of your home. To help in your search I’ve gathered the best Christmas lights Pinterest pinboards with a featured list of standout pins from each board. Get inspired decorating this holiday season with Pinterest and have a Merry Christmas!


Best Christmas Lights Pinterest Pinboards


1. this is a great place to start, the Pinterest explore Christmas lights outside pinboard. Scroll down this page to see lots of Christmas light suggestions, tips, arrangements, and lots more. Here are some featured pins:

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soft white Christmas lights

outdoor Christmas decor Pinterest

  • clever tips hanging outside Christmas lights Pinterest pin
  • around the front door
  • exterior Christmas lighting idea
  • simple ways to hang up Christmas holiday lights outside
  • great ideas for the roof
  • chicken wire ornaments
  • 30 outdoor Christmas decorating ideas Pinterest pin
  • ways to store your Christmas lights for next year
  • outside porch ideas
  • how to wrap outside trees with Christmas lights
  • icicle lights
  • decorating tree houses
  • lights under the snow-luminous and colorful
  • cool blue color theme
  • hand hooks
  • coastal by the sea
  • installation tips
  • how to install video
  • display ideas
  • spectacular holiday Christmas lights around the world Pinterest pin


2. every pin featured here showcases light radiant displays from places, landmarks and cities from around the world. There are some wonderful, creative displays including these pinboard standouts:


Christmas lights Pinterest

colorful Christmas light display

  • country Christmas
  • Mission Inn, Riverside California
  • purple lights
  • Atlanta Botanical Gardens holiday twinkle
  • white winter wonderland
  • forest of lights
  • top 10 destinations for holiday lights
  • seaside
  • New York Long Island display
  • decorated house, San Francisco
  • blue trellis Boston
  • Magic Kingdom, Florida
  • Santa Claus light display in Berlin
  • Santa’s airstrip awaits
  • courthouse in Ohio
  • Rockefeller Center
  • the twinkliest drive in Texas
  • Christmas lights on the mailbox
  • Germany festive decor
  • top Christmas light displays
  • gazebo


3. as the title suggests this is an amazing christmas house lights pinboard loaded with ideas. Here is a sampling of what you might discover on this board:


white Christmas lights Pinterest

elegant Christmas lights

  • the best 40 outdoor Christmas lighting ideas Pinterest pin
  • bright nativity scene
  • city street
  • decked-out Christmas houses
  • decorations white lights with polar bears
  • colorful and bright trees
  • 15 colorful and outrageously themed Christmas lights
  • old mansion decor
  • cozy holiday corner
  • fantastic display
  • all wight trim
  • elegant Christmas lights
  • Victorian home holiday
  • Merry Christmas-dazzling entire house and yard displays
  • multi-colored displays


4.  this is a great Pinterest Christmas light pinboard with over 440 pin ideas. The images featured are stunning with colorful outside light arrangements and designs from popular places around the world. Get inspired with some of these winning displays:


house Christmas lights Pinterest

  • outdoor city
  • over the top lighting displays
  • home in Boston with over 250,000 lights
  • decorated Riverwalk
  • the best light displays
  • blue illumination
  • waterside
  • inspiring light images
  • America’s best places
  • festive markets
  • beautiful decorated outside door
  • lighted reindeer in the yard
  • gazebo
  • Santa’s sleigh and reindeer setup
  • 7 decked out Christmas houses


5. welcome to the exterior Christmas lights explore Pinterest pinboard. It’s all exterior stuff featured here and lots of it.  Check out these beautiful creations:


traditional Christmas lights

Christmas exterior light ideas

  • exterior Christmas lighting ideas
  • using lights and garland
  • all white
  • Christmas lights on outdoor tree ideas Pinterest pin
  • DIY porch setup
  • exquisite decor
  • decorating palms
  • front porch stairs to the door
  • 20 ideas how to decorate with Christmas lights
  • holiday inspired outdoor creations
  • front yard decor
  • wreaths
  • charming outdoor display
  • working with mini-lights
  • holiday letters
  • traditional
  • how to hang exterior Christmas lights tutorial


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