Here is a list of some of the more popular topics/hashtags I've seen being tagged to tweets, posts and comments this summer on the top social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Each hashtag below is linked to the HashtagGuide site where you can follow what people are tweeting, posting, and commenting on as it [...]

Birds are no doubt beautiful and graceful creatures. There are many species of birds in existence and with the variety of color patterns, geographical specific locations and rarity of certain species the hobby of birdwatching which encompasses naked eye observation, photography and the completion of a particular life list (birds sighted and date recorded in a [...]

Butterflies are one of most wondrous and colorful creatures that exists in nature. The color schemes and variety of patterns that you find on these divine insects are practically endless. People collect butterfly related things, love to paint them, enjoy decorating their house with butterfly themes, look forward to seeing and reading about them in books, derive immense satisfaction in [...]

Why do we love horses so much? Horses are graceful, sensitive, intelligent and beautiful creatures. For centuries horses and man have coexisted. As one of the first domesticated animals horses were beneficial to increasing man’s productivity as humans relied on their strength and endurance to accomplish work. Many people believe horses embody the natural world. [...]

Unicorns are mythical creatures with a captivating rich history that spans many cultures and countries. Stories of unicorns can be traced back to civilizations in Asia, India and Africa. The striking white horn rising from the horse-like creature's forehead has become a powerful symbol of purity and light. In medieval times unicorns were mentioned in [...]

Dolphins are fascinating mammals. In relative terms their intelligence is unmatched in the animal world and generally considered second to humans on the intelligence scale. Dolphins are graceful and elegant creatures that demand utmost respect as a beneficial species to our global ecosystem. Dolphins are mammals that people admire so animatedly that many times they surround [...]

Update: I'll Have Another has tendonitis in the left leg and has been pulled from the Belmont Stakes. This ends the horse's bid for the Triple Crown. So there will be no chance for a Triple Crown winnder. The drought continues.   If you're just tuning in to see if I'll Have Another won the Triple Crown [...]

Earlier this year I completed a Facebook Cover Photo post on general animals of all types. Due to the overwhelming popularity of this post (see related links post below) I thought it was time to create individual posts on popular pets by species. Of course it goes without saying cats and dogs lead the list [...]