When I think of comic books I think first of super heroes. While there are other types of comic books besides super heroes such as fantasy, science fiction, and romance for this post I decided to stick with just super hero teams and individual character Facebook Covers which are primarily the creations of Marvel and [...]

The networks seem to be having a tradition of broadcasting the Charlie Brown holiday specials weeks before the actual holiday itself. ABC is keeping to this tradition as they present "A Charlie Brown Christmas" later this week. There is something about the simplicity of these Charles Schulz characters that make these programs so enduring. A [...]

With the holidays just around the corner its time to get into the festive spirit by displaying a classic holiday Charlie Brown Cover on your Facebook Timeline. Every year it is a tradition in the United States to broadcast a Charles Schulz Charlie Brown holiday animated special usually several weeks before the actual holiday. These [...]

You can't discuss types of Facebook Covers without mentioning South Park. This iconic animated TV series has become a mainstay on Comedy Central for 16 seasons and counting. With confirmation of another extension of episodes lasting all the way through 2016 South Park is here to stay. By 2016 the long running animated series will be [...]

Family Guy has a cult following as far as animated shows are concerned. The popularity of the hit TV show centers around several maladjusted characters living in Quahog, a quaint town in the northeast. Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Brian and Stewie parade their quirky humor in front of millions of rabid viewing fans every day in syndication and prime time. The [...]

What can you say about Domo Kun? This interesting yet simple character has become quite popular world wide. Domo Kun appeared first in several Japanese TV shorts shown on NHK's Satellite Broadcasting over 10 years ago using the classic technique of stop motion animation. The odd square shape, brown color and permanent open-jawed toothy expression has endured and captured the [...]

Some of our favorite pop culture themes, icons, movies and characters can best be expressed in a cartoon or anime picture. Many people are choosing to display these cartoon and anime covers for their Facebook Timeline picture. If you asking yourself, "Where can I find cartoon and anime Facebook Timeline covers" then you came to the right place. [...]