A couple of days ago Facebook announced a quicker Timeline transition plan than previously planned for their non-brand, personal users. Everyone is expected to be completely switched over to Timeline in a few weeks (by February sometime).  Yes, the new Timeline is replacing your old profile page forever. Facebook earlier last week announced the switch to Timeline will become mandatory and permanent to all Facebook [...]

It's past midnight, July 22 2011, and I'm starring at the Google search box and wondering again out loud. What's the deal with today's Google search box doodle or design? I must be getting tired because for some reason they look like hanging Christmas lights? Sometimes you get up in the morning to search for something, [...]

Having Justin Bieber promoting your product is a no-brainer marketing strategy. The June 28th, 2011 launch of the Justin Bieber Google Chrome video which shows how Bieber used the Chrome tools to achieve major success is already a YouTube hit with now over 717,00o pageviews. Bieber's tenacity in performing, filming and uploading YouTube videos  promoting himself at such a young [...]

At this year's E3 expo Kinect, the motion control system of Microsoft's Xbox, and Halfbrick's popular mobile game Fruit Ninja are forming an unstoppable alliance. It will be added to the Xbox live arcade this summer. Expert gamers are saying that Fruit Ninja was the perfect game for Kinect and a relaxing way to spend your time after playing [...]

Sending tweets and just the overall Twitter experience is about to get a lot easier for Mac users everywhere. Apple recently announced its iOS 5 platform that will have massive Twitter integration.  Unlike its closest rival, Microsoft, Apple chose to integrate Twitter for reasons I believe are warranted. Apple will use Twitter's xAuth protocol to [...]

1855 Twitter Apps and Counting, All in One Place

A great wordpress blog/directory that houses 1855 apps all in one place is what you'll find when you visit Better apps to help you get better at tweeting, gain followers, and find interesting new Twitter applications are all here at your disposal. The tools drop down tags are divided into several sub categories: profiles, [...]

Here’s a hot news for every twitter fan who is addicted to tweeting. Now you won’t be caught tweeting your deepest, darkest secrets to everybody when you’re drunk. All thanks to a new security app designed by a company that will stop you from tweeting if it detects that you’re too drunk to be sensible. [...]