Just when you thought we couldn't go micro enough, here comes the latest spontaneous social media communication craze. Disappearing photos, self-destructing and vanishing mobile text messaging apps are a huge trend right now. Young users are begging for non-permanence and no trace evidence when it comes to sending private photos and texts. They want them [...]

This post will definitely not satisfy anyone looking for a positive answer to this question. Can I still play Flappy Bird? Well, yes, if you already have it on your phone. The popular game app for iPhone and Android called Flappy Bird was quickly pulled from the itunes store and Google stores today and is [...]

You've been hearing about it, seeing it pop-up on your news feed, watching social media cover it and aware Facebook has been touting it for quite a long time. The new Facebook Paper app is here where you can tell and share your Facebook Stories.  In some ways the Paper is similar to past Flipboard [...]

There are several ways you can get the Sochi 2014 XXII Winter Olympic Games with instant up to second medal count standings for all countries. When it comes to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics many of us want to follow up to date 2014 Winter Olympic medal count or standings on a daily basis and check [...]

Kirk Cameron's promotional video gets banned from Facebook temporarily and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge has a baby boy without revealing the name so far. Read more about what people are tweeting, status updates, commenting, posting, and hashtag tagging to videos and pictures by clicking on the following trending hashtags linked to   Kirk [...]

Hashtags Trending on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest on July 20, 2013. Today Helen Thomas the famed White House correspondent journalist has passed away at 92. Click on the hashtag below to see all the latest Helen Thomas tweets being updated by the second. A women falls off a roller coaster at [...]

This year's Games of the XXX Olympiad will be completely integrated with efficient streamlined technology like never before. When it comes to the London 2012 Summer Olympics many of us like me want an easy way to follow the Olympic medal count or standings.  I found really 3 effective ways to do this: 1) follow [...]

Facebook launched the App Center Thursday night, June 7th 2012, for most of their U.S. users.  This is a big deal as Facebook is trying to integrate these apps with their new Timeline platform. The App Center is open to both the basic web and mobile setups but will only be available in the United States at [...]